From Fap CEO

The Wardrobe can be accessed from the Company Window

It is split into 2 parts: Shop and Outfits, that you can toggle with the button on the top right corner.


This replaces the old shop rotation, and you can have up to 15 outfits available, depending on how many you're missing. The list is also refreshed daily.

Similarly, not all outfits can appear here (ex: Gains Week outfits won't, like before), and normally you will only see one outfit per girl at maximum each day, although if fewer than 15 girls still have outfits available, multiple outfits per girl will begin to appear to fill up the 15 shop slots.

Instead of Rubies, Outfits can now be bought with a new currency: Wardrobe Tokens

The ratio is 10 Tokens per Ruby compared to the old prices.

Wardrobe Tokens can be mainly obtained in Events for now. You can check how many of them you have in the top left corner.

Each day, up to 2 of the available outfits have a 50% discount !

Event outfits are always listed first and indicated with a yellow border and sticker.

Legendary outfits have a red border and sticker.

Clicking on an icon will show you a preview of the outfit, without the desk/chair/keyboard.

To go along with this, the Ruby Shop also has a new special chest in the daily tab, costing 300 Rubies .

You can open it once per day to get a random outfit, which you may already possess !

If you don't own the outfit you have the option to keep it or recycle it, otherwise you can only recycle it.

Recycling an outfit give 20% of its value in Wardrobe Tokens , which is 600 Tokens for a regular outfit.


In this window you can see every outfit of every girl.

The bottom part is used to select which girl's outfits to display.

The top part shows how many outfits you have unlocked, with all the outfit icons below. Outfits you have yet to unlock have a blue-ish filter to distinguish them.

Similarly to the shop window, clicking on an icon will give you a preview of the outfit.