Upgrade Order

From Fap CEO

The user tr0tsky created a helpful spreadsheet, you can use it to know in what position you are and what will be the best to upgrade next. We recommend you to check it out!

A good "rule of thumb" without using the spreadsheet to know what to upgrade next is:

Cost of Prestige/company/shares multiplier decorations = 2x main girl multiplier decorations = 3.5x starting money multiplier decoration = 7x other girl multiplier decorations.

For more details, check the table below:

Decoration name

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(Tier order S, A, B, C, D)
Level Cap Prestige/Lvl Bonus/LVL Max Bonus
Neon Sign Shares S 101 200 +0.2x +20.2x
Lava Lamp Prestige Power 101 100 +25% +2600%
Couch Base Cost 26 200 -2% -52%
FapSupplies Large Height S the L/L/L combo affects five non event girls. With this you'll cover the four most important seats (1>10>3>9) 101 (200) 100 +0.25x 27x (51.75x)
Chandelier Large Breast
Luggage Large Feet
Wallpaper Medium Height A for other 6 decoration.
Magazine Medium Breast
Bin Medium Feet
Webcam Small Height
Carpet Small Breast
Lingerie Small Feet
Stock Market (Deco) Stock Market A 6 200 - -
Picture Stock Exchange Time 20 100 +3s +60s
Sculpture Key Drop Rate 76 (101) 101 +1% +76% (+101%)
Flower Pot Company Multiplier 101 200 +0.2x +20.2x
Sex Toys Level Cost B 26 200 -1% -26%
Music Player Upgrade Cost 26 200 -1% -26%
Sports Gear Tapping Power B Online 26 150 +0.25x +7.75x
Plant Show Cooldown C 26 100 -1/3s -9s
Drink Booster Time 26 200 +60s +1560s
Furniture Offline Revenue C Offline 26 200 +0.25x +6.5x
Painting Starting Money D 101 200 +50x +5050x
Trophy Reply Time 26 150 -30s -780s