Twins Event Rerun

From Fap CEO
Start Date September 3, 2019
End Date September 12, 2019
Twins Event Rerun
 - New event button! (Top right)
  • Twins Event Rerun chest opens every 120 minutes.
  • Click on it repeatedly to open it up and gain 2 Gemini Charm!

  • 3 new animations, 4 exclusive Twins outfits!
  • Use Gemini Charm to get 30 seconds with Kelly. Click her! For the most rewards use the tickets one at a time.
  • Every click has a chance for time skips, keys, boosters or more Gemini Charm tokens!
  • Use multiple Gemini Charm at a time to increase your clicking power and get to the next tier faster! This does not increase chances to get items.
  • Tier rewards:
    • Tier 1: Kelly 1st Animation in thread "Missed me?", two 2x Multiplier, 300x Keys
    • Tier 2: Kelly 2nd Animation in thread "Missed me?", 3x Multiplier, 350x Keys, Ski Camp Kelly
    • Tier 3: Kelly 3rd Animation in thread "Missed me?", 4x Multiplier, 400x Keys, Ski Camp Grace
    • Tier 4: Kelly the Actress/5x Multiplier, 5x Multiplier, 500 Keys, Grace the Painter
Gemini Charm sales in the Shop!

10 = 100

40 = 300

100 = 700