Twins 2020 - Event Portal

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Twins 2020 - Event Portal Event Infos
Twins 2020 - Event Portal Event.png
Twins Tutorial Event icon.png
Duration 7 Days
Price 300 FapCEO Ruby.png

This is the Event Portal version of the Twins Tutorial Event.

Collect Twin Masks every 2 hours from the event chest by clicking on it repeatedly.

Twin Masks.png

Use those Twin Masks to get 30 seconds with Kelly. Click on her! Every click increase your score and has a chance to drop time skips, keys, boosters or more Twin Masks!

Using multiple Twin Masks at a time increase your clicking power proportionally to get to the next tier faster, but it won't increase the chance to get extra items.

Twins 2020 - Event Portal Window.png
Event entry rewards
  • 2x Twin Masks Twin Masks.png

Tier rewards
Tier 1
Tier 2
  • 25x Keys Key Icon.png
  • 2nd Kelly Animation in thread "This is so much fun!"
  • 3x Multiplier
  • Southern Belle Chloe Outfit
Tier 3
  • 50x Keys Key Icon.png
  • 3rd Kelly Animation in thread "This is so much fun!"
  • 5x Multiplier
  • Assistant Lisa Outfit
Tier 4
  • 4th Kelly Animation in thread "Missed me?"
  • 5th Kelly Animation in thread "Missed me?"
  • Kelly as a hireable employee
  • Painter Grace Outfit