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The game starts by asking the player, CEO, to select their language with English, Deutsche, Francais, and Espanol. This can be changed later under Settings if desired. Following this Amber greets the CEO and get the CEO to hire her, by clicking on the chair and then the hire button. Next, the game directs the CEO to the inbox where Amber has sent a message with a picture. The CEO is directed to open the picture of Amber. The CEO must return to the main screen to continue. CEO is direct on how to level Amber up the goal is 2 levels. Then the CEO is introduced to private shows and needs to click on Amber until a key is received. With the key the CEO is direct to the chest area to open a chest. The CEO will always get a rose and will then be directed back to the inbox. Where the CEO will reply to a message from Amber and get another picture. The CEO is then directed to hire another employee. This ends the highly directed part of the Tutorial.


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Task button click to view task.
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The second part of the tutorial starts here as at this point tasks appear. There are 46 tasks to complete and you can see them in the table below. While tasks must be completed in order is it possible to meet the requirements before getting the task. Clicks on private show, replies to messages, time skips, etc are all tracked for stats and/or achievements. An example is that the CEO is like to have clicked over 4000 times long before getting to task 45, so when you get to task 45 you can just claim the reward. All tasks work like this. If you follow the tasks there are some notable points. Task 21 will be the first time you sell the company The CEO should double shares as it is free, after this, it will be 10 rubies to double shares. The CEO is also introduced to the CEO Office in the next few tasks. Where the CEO will use a skill point on skills and buy a decoration or 2, will the first decoration being the Computer unlocking the Stock Market. Completing Task 37 will unlock the Twins Tutorial Event will begin. This is a 4 day event but will end soon if the CEO completes it in less time. The CEO should get an auto clicker, AC, and set it to 19+ cps (no more than 60 as it is an upper limit and the game will kick you if you go above it) testing before using it in the event. Try using some website that counts your clicking speed as most auto clickers are not very accurate with their estimation of the actual clicking speed. The event gives 40 Twin Mask as a participation bonus. With the AC set correctly that should give the CEO about 570-589 points per Twin Mask, making it 22,800 points in total (40 * 570). The CEO can open chests available to open every 2 hours to complete the event if necessary. While the CEO has earned enough rubies doing tasks, it is best to save them and open chests. Task 46 will finish the tutorial and the CEO will be level 4.

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Task Description Reward Task Description Reward Task Description Reward
1 Level-up Amber to lvl 10 1 FapCEO Ruby.png 17 Open 5 chests 3 Time Skip 1 hour.png 32 Open 10 chests 1 Time Skip 4 hours.png
2 Claim Daily Reward 1 Key Icon.png 18 Time skip 3 hours 2 Key Icon.png 33 Time skip 8 hours 5 Key Icon.png
3 Hire 3 Employees 1 Key Icon.png 19 Reply to 5 emails 5 FapCEO Ruby.png 34 Reply to 10 emails 5 FapCEO Ruby.png
4 Reply to 1 emails 1 FapCEO Ruby.png 20 Click private shows 400 times 2 Key Icon.png 35 Have 7 employees above lvl 25 5 FapCEO Ruby.png
5 Level-up Amber to lvl 25 1 Key Icon.png 21 Level-up employees and sell the company Sex Symbol Amber Picture.png Sex Symbol Amber Outfit 36 Click private shows 2000 times 5 Time Skip 1 hour.png
6 Claim 1 achievement 1 Key Icon.png 22 Unlock 1 skill 5 FapCEO Ruby.png 37 Level-up employees and sell the company 20 FapCEO Ruby.png
7 Click private shows 200 times 2 FapCEO Ruby.png 23 Discover a decoration 2 Key Icon.png 38 Discover 2 decorations 5 Key Icon.png
8 Hire 4 employees 1 Key Icon.png 24 Hire 6 employees 2 Time Skip 1 hour.png 39 Unlock 2 skills 5 FapCEO Ruby.png
9 Time skip 1 hour 2 FapCEO Ruby.png 25 Time skip 4 hours 2 Key Icon.png 40 Hire 8 employees 2 Time Skip 4 hours.png
10 Reply to 2 emails 2 Booster.png 26 Reply to 7 emails 5 FapCEO Ruby.png 41 Have 8 employees above lvl 10 5 FapCEO Ruby.png
11 Use a booster 1 Key Icon.png 27 Spin the Wheel 1 time 2 Key Icon.png 42 Open 25 chests 5 Time Skip 1 hour.png
12 Level-up Amber to lvl 75 2 FapCEO Ruby.png 28 Buy stocks in the Stock Market 5 FapCEO Ruby.png 43 Reply to 15 emails 5 FapCEO Ruby.png
13 Hire 5 employees 2 FapCEO Ruby.png 29 Hire 7 employees 2x Multi.png 2x Permanent Multiplier 44 Have 8 employees above lvl 25 5 FapCEO Ruby.png
14 Have 3 employees above lvl 25 2 Time Skip 1 hour.png 30 Click private shows 1000 times 5 Key Icon.png 45 Click private shows 3000 times 10 Key Icon.png
15 Time skip 2 hours 2 Key Icon.png 31 Have 7 employees above lvl 10 5 FapCEO Ruby.png 46 Level-up employees and sell the company 30 FapCEO Ruby.png
16 Hire 6 employees 5 FapCEO Ruby.png