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Tournament is unlocked after reaching Company Level 5 and happens every weekend. It lasts 48 hours and the goal is to get as many level-ups as possible. Tournament company can't be sold, so it's important to choose which girls to hire (and in which sequence) since they can't be replaced until next week's Tournament.

Reward Table[edit]

Current 4th Reward
March 24-26
Spring Break Clicking Token.png

The rewards for Clicking Events, Gains Week, Sexpeditions, Private Show, and Archives are listed in the table below split up by event type.

Note: Private Show items aren't featured in the new table as this event type is no longer used.

Previous reward tables can be found here: Previous Reward Tables

2500-2999 50 FapCEO Ruby.png 100 Key Icon.png 9 Clicking items 9 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 500 Sexpedition items 9 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
3000-3499 55 FapCEO Ruby.png 120 Key Icon.png 10 Clicking items 10 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 520 Sexpedition items 10 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
3500-3999 55 FapCEO Ruby.png 140 Key Icon.png 11 Clicking items 11 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 540 Sexpedition items 11 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
4000-4499 60 FapCEO Ruby.png 160 Key Icon.png 12 Clicking items 12 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 560 Sexpedition items 12 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
4500-4999 60 FapCEO Ruby.png 180 Key Icon.png 13 Clicking items 13 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 580 Sexpedition items 13 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
5000-5499 60 FapCEO Ruby.png 200 Key Icon.png 14 Clicking items 14 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 600 Sexpedition items 14 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
5500-5999 65 FapCEO Ruby.png 220 Key Icon.png 15 Clicking items 15 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 620 Sexpedition items 15 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
6000-6499 65 FapCEO Ruby.png 240 Key Icon.png 16 Clicking items 16 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 640 Sexpedition items 16 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
6500-6999 70 FapCEO Ruby.png 260 Key Icon.png 17 Clicking items 17 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 660 Sexpedition items 17 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
7000-7499 70 FapCEO Ruby.png 280 Key Icon.png 18 Clicking items 18 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 680 Sexpedition items 18 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
7500-7999 70 FapCEO Ruby.png 300 Key Icon.png 19 Clicking items 19 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 700 Sexpedition items 19 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
8000-8499 75 FapCEO Ruby.png 320 Key Icon.png 20 Clicking items 20 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 720 Sexpedition items 20 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
8500-8999 75 FapCEO Ruby.png 340 Key Icon.png 21 Clicking items 21 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 740 Sexpedition items 21 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
9000-9499 80 FapCEO Ruby.png 360 Key Icon.png 22 Clicking items 22 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 760 Sexpedition items 22 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
9500-9999 80 FapCEO Ruby.png 380 Key Icon.png 23 Clicking items 23 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 780 Sexpedition items 23 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
10000-10499 80 FapCEO Ruby.png 400 Key Icon.png 24 Clicking items 24 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 800 Sexpedition items 24 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
10500-10999 85 FapCEO Ruby.png 420 Key Icon.png 25 Clicking items 25 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 820 Sexpedition items 25 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
11000-11499 85 FapCEO Ruby.png 440 Key Icon.png 26 Clicking items 26 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 840 Sexpedition items 26 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
11500-11999 90 FapCEO Ruby.png 460 Key Icon.png 27 Clicking items 27 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 860 Sexpedition items 27 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
12000-12499 90 FapCEO Ruby.png 480 Key Icon.png 28 Clicking items 28 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 880 Sexpedition items 28 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
12500-12999 90 FapCEO Ruby.png 500 Key Icon.png 29 Clicking items 29 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 900 Sexpedition items 29 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
13000-13499 95 FapCEO Ruby.png 520 Key Icon.png 30 Clicking items 30 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 920 Sexpedition items 30 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
13500-13999 95 FapCEO Ruby.png 540 Key Icon.png 31 Clicking items 31 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 940 Sexpedition items 31 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
14000-14499 100 FapCEO Ruby.png 560 Key Icon.png 32 Clicking items 32 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 960 Sexpedition items 32 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
14500-14999 100 FapCEO Ruby.png 580 Key Icon.png 33 Clicking items 33 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 980 Sexpedition items 33 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
15000-15499 100 FapCEO Ruby.png 600 Key Icon.png 1200 Wardrobe Token.png 34 Clicking items 34 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1000 Sexpedition items 34 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
15500-15999 105 FapCEO Ruby.png 620 Key Icon.png 1226 Wardrobe Token.png 35 Clicking items 35 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1016 Sexpedition items 35 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
16000-16499 110 FapCEO Ruby.png 640 Key Icon.png 1253 Wardrobe Token.png 36 Clicking items 36 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1033 Sexpedition items 36 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
16500-16999 115 FapCEO Ruby.png 660 Key Icon.png 1280 Wardrobe Token.png 37 Clicking items 37 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1050 Sexpedition items 37 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
17000-17499 120 FapCEO Ruby.png 680 Key Icon.png 1306 Wardrobe Token.png 38 Clicking items 38 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1066 Sexpedition items 38 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
17500-17999 125 FapCEO Ruby.png 700 Key Icon.png 1333 Wardrobe Token.png 39 Clicking items 39 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1083 Sexpedition items 39 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
18000-18499 130 FapCEO Ruby.png 720 Key Icon.png 1360 Wardrobe Token.png 40 Clicking items 40 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1100 Sexpedition items 40 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
18500-18999 135 FapCEO Ruby.png 740 Key Icon.png 1386 Wardrobe Token.png 41 Clicking items 41 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1116 Sexpedition items 41 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
19000-19499 140 FapCEO Ruby.png 760 Key Icon.png 1413 Wardrobe Token.png 42 Clicking items 42 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1133 Sexpedition items 42 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
19500-19999 145 FapCEO Ruby.png 780 Key Icon.png 1440 Wardrobe Token.png 43 Clicking items 43 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1150 Sexpedition items 43 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
20000-20499 150 FapCEO Ruby.png 800 Key Icon.png 1466 Wardrobe Token.png 44 Clicking items 44 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1166 Sexpedition items 44 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
20500-20999 155 FapCEO Ruby.png 820 Key Icon.png 1493 Wardrobe Token.png 45 Clicking items 45 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1183 Sexpedition items 45 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
21000-21499 160 FapCEO Ruby.png 840 Key Icon.png 1520 Wardrobe Token.png 46 Clicking items 46 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1200 Sexpedition items 46 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
21500-21999 165 FapCEO Ruby.png 860 Key Icon.png 1546 Wardrobe Token.png 47 Clicking items 47 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1216 Sexpedition items 47 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
22000-22499 170 FapCEO Ruby.png 880 Key Icon.png 1573 Wardrobe Token.png 48 Clicking items 48 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1233 Sexpedition items 48 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
22500-22999 175 FapCEO Ruby.png 900 Key Icon.png 1600 Wardrobe Token.png 49 Clicking items 49 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1250 Sexpedition items 49 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
23000-23499 180 FapCEO Ruby.png 920 Key Icon.png 1626 Wardrobe Token.png 50 Clicking items 50 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1266 Sexpedition items 50 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
23500-23999 185 FapCEO Ruby.png 940 Key Icon.png 1653 Wardrobe Token.png 51 Clicking items 51 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1283 Sexpedition items 51 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
24000-24499 190 FapCEO Ruby.png 960 Key Icon.png 1680 Wardrobe Token.png 52 Clicking items 52 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1300 Sexpedition items 52 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
24500-24999 195 FapCEO Ruby.png 980 Key Icon.png 1706 Wardrobe Token.png 53 Clicking items 53 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1316 Sexpedition items 53 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
25000-25499 200 FapCEO Ruby.png 1000 Key Icon.png 1733 Wardrobe Token.png 54 Clicking items 54 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1333 Sexpedition items 54 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
25500-25999 205 FapCEO Ruby.png 1020 Key Icon.png 1760 Wardrobe Token.png 55 Clicking items 55 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1350 Sexpedition items 55 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
26000-26499 210 FapCEO Ruby.png 1040 Key Icon.png 1786 Wardrobe Token.png 56 Clicking items 56 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1366 Sexpedition items 56 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
26500-26999 215 FapCEO Ruby.png 1060 Key Icon.png 1813 Wardrobe Token.png 57 Clicking items 57 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1383 Sexpedition items 57 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
27000-27499 220 FapCEO Ruby.png 1080 Key Icon.png 1840 Wardrobe Token.png 58 Clicking items 58 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1400 Sexpedition items 58 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
27500-27999 225 FapCEO Ruby.png 1100 Key Icon.png 1866 Wardrobe Token.png 59 Clicking items 59 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1416 Sexpedition items 59 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
28000-28499 230 FapCEO Ruby.png 1120 Key Icon.png 1893 Wardrobe Token.png 60 Clicking items 60 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1433 Sexpedition items 60 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
28500-28999 235 FapCEO Ruby.png 1140 Key Icon.png 1920 Wardrobe Token.png 61 Clicking items 61 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1450 Sexpedition items 61 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
29000-29499 240 FapCEO Ruby.png 1160 Key Icon.png 1946 Wardrobe Token.png 62 Clicking items 62 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1466 Sexpedition items 62 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
29500-29999 245 FapCEO Ruby.png 1180 Key Icon.png 1973 Wardrobe Token.png 63 Clicking items 63 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1483 Sexpedition items 63 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
30000-30999 250 FapCEO Ruby.png 1200 Key Icon.png 2000 Wardrobe Token.png 64 Clicking items 64 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1500 Sexpedition items 64 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
31000-31999 255 FapCEO Ruby.png 1250 Key Icon.png 2062 Wardrobe Token.png 65 Clicking items 65 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1531 Sexpedition items 65 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
32000-32999 260 FapCEO Ruby.png 1300 Key Icon.png 2125 Wardrobe Token.png 66 Clicking items 66 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1562 Sexpedition items 66 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
33000-33999 265 FapCEO Ruby.png 1350 Key Icon.png 2187 Wardrobe Token.png 67 Clicking items 67 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1593 Sexpedition items 67 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
34000-34999 270 FapCEO Ruby.png 1400 Key Icon.png 2250 Wardrobe Token.png 68 Clicking items 68 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1625 Sexpedition items 68 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
35000-35999 275 FapCEO Ruby.png 1450 Key Icon.png 2312 Wardrobe Token.png 69 Clicking items 69 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1656 Sexpedition items 69 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
36000-36999 280 FapCEO Ruby.png 1500 Key Icon.png 2375 Wardrobe Token.png 70 Clicking items 70 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1687 Sexpedition items 70 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
37000-37999 285 FapCEO Ruby.png 1550 Key Icon.png 2437 Wardrobe Token.png 71 Clicking items 71 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1718 Sexpedition items 71 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
38000-38999 290 FapCEO Ruby.png 1600 Key Icon.png 2500 Wardrobe Token.png 72 Clicking items 72 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1750 Sexpedition items 72 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
39000-39999 295 FapCEO Ruby.png 1650 Key Icon.png 2562 Wardrobe Token.png 73 Clicking items 73 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1781 Sexpedition items 73 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
40000-40999 300 FapCEO Ruby.png 1700 Key Icon.png 2625 Wardrobe Token.png 74 Clicking items 74 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1812 Sexpedition items 74 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
41000-41999 305 FapCEO Ruby.png 1750 Key Icon.png 2687 Wardrobe Token.png 75 Clicking items 75 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1843 Sexpedition items 75 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
42000-42999 310 FapCEO Ruby.png 1800 Key Icon.png 2750 Wardrobe Token.png 76 Clicking items 76 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1875 Sexpedition items 76 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
43000-43999 315 FapCEO Ruby.png 1850 Key Icon.png 2812 Wardrobe Token.png 77 Clicking items 77 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1906 Sexpedition items 77 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
44000-44999 320 FapCEO Ruby.png 1900 Key Icon.png 2875 Wardrobe Token.png 78 Clicking items 78 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1937 Sexpedition items 78 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
45000-45999 325 FapCEO Ruby.png 1950 Key Icon.png 2937 Wardrobe Token.png 79 Clicking items 79 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 1968 Sexpedition items 79 Pink Keys Pink Key.png
46000+ 330 FapCEO Ruby.png 2000 Key Icon.png 3000 Wardrobe Token.png 80 Clicking items 80 GW tickets Pink Gains Week Ticket.png 2000 Sexpedition items 80 Pink Keys Pink Key.png

Past 4th Rewards (Event Items)[edit]

Event Rewards
The amount of items increases the higher you get in the reward bracket.
Summoning Stone.png
Black Friday Ticket.png
Candy Cane.png
Twin Ticket.png
Oddly Shiny Seashell.png
Sheriff's Hat.png
Spring Blossom.png
Summoning Stones Black Friday Tickets Candy Canes Twin Tickets GainsTickets Oddly Shiny Seashell Sheriff's Hat Spring Blossom
Halloween Event 2018 Black Friday Event 2018 Christmas Event 2018 Twins Event 2019 Gains Week Valentine Event 2019 Amber Cowgirl Event Newcomers Event
Venus Starfish.png
Colorful Pompom.png
Chloe's Panties.png
Recruiter's Hat.png
Catnip-filled Mouse.png
Gemini Charm.png
Safety Cuffs.png
Venus Starfish Colorful Pompom Sexpack Chloe's Panties Recruiter's Hat Catnip-filled Mouse Gemini Charm Safety Cuffs
Blowjob Week Event 2019 Sara's Playoff Event 2019 The Sexpedition 1st Cumming Event 2019 Chloe's Panties Event Independence Day Event 2019 Ayumi's Playroom Twins Event Rerun Fuck the Police
Portal Stone Fragments.png
Lube Beads.png
Bat Hairpin.png
Black Scented Candle.png
Black Friday Fivesome Tickets.png
Permafrost Snowball.png
Gingerbread Cookie.png
Twin Masks.png
Portal Stone Fragments Lube Beads Bat Hairpin Black Scented Candle Black Friday Fivesome Tickets Permafrost Snowball Gingerbread Cookie Twin Masks
Sexpedition 2 Ancient Cumming Saya's Private Show Night of the Giving Head 2 Yrelianna's Summoning Event Black Friday Fivesome Eira's Warm-up Holly's Gift Twins Event 2020
Pink Key.png
Backstage Passes.png
Officer Badge.png
Ikraura Totems.png
Toasty Pillows.png
Lana's Binoculars.png
Blueberry Scone.png
Blue Ribbon.png
Pink Keys Backstage Passes Officer Badge Ikraura Totems Toasty Pillows Lana's Binoculars Blueberry Scones Blue Ribbon
Archives Judy's Backdoor Pass Fuck the Police Rerun Wild Things II Tribal Orgy Chloe's Panties Rerun The Sexpedition 1st Cumming Rerun Lana in Wonderland PrincessCumXXX Creampie
Fancy Prosecco.png
Shot Glass.png
Oni Mask.png
Catnip Toy.png
Perfumed Lotion.png
Ice Cream Scoops.png
Candied Strawberry.png
Fancy Prosecco Shot Glass Oni Mask Catnip Toy Perfumed Lotion Ice Cream Scoops Megaphone Candied Strawberry
Before Sunset Part 1 After Midnight Part 1 Saya is Back! Part 2 Ayumi's Playroom 2020 Delilah's Oral Delights 2020 Introducing Roxanne Sara's Playoffs 2020 2 Year Anniversary
Bond Ring.png
Wooden Cog.png
Temple Stone.png
Star Chart.png
Ritual Candle.png
Member Patch.png
Pink Gains Week Ticket.png
Bond Ring Wooden Cog Temple Stone Star Chart Ritual Candle Member Patch Pink Gains Week Ticket Wolfsbane
Medieval Lust Sexpedition Medieval Lust Part 2 Wild Things II Tribal Orgy Rerun Her Final Frontier Sexpedition Wild Things Part III Judy's Backdoor Pass Rerun Gains Week Night of the Giving Head Rerun
Enchanted Collar.png
Auroch Horn.png
Short-term Passport.png
Soft Drink.png System Lube.png Gingerbread Stack.png Enchanted Candy.png Chocolate Chip Cookie.png
Enchanted Collar Auroch Horn Short-term Passport Soft Drink System Lube Gingerbread Stack Enchanted Candy Chocolate Chip Cookie
Dungeon of Lust Legends of the Badlands Black Friday Overture Black Friday Godly Encounters Introducing M.I.A Winter Wonderland Rerun Winter Wonderland 2020 Meet Penny
Reindeer Sock.png Pink Knuckles.png
Fap Veteran Medal.png
AP Flour.png
Soft Serve Cone.png
Command Epaulet.png
Gym Towel.png
Whiskey Tumbler.png
Reindeer Sock Pink Knuckles Fap Veteran Medal AP Flour Soft Serve Cone Command Epaulet Gym Towels Whiskey Tumbler
Winter Chill Part 2 Catfight! Service Girls Valentine's Day Special Milky Day Service Girls 2 Introducing Jade Amanda Revamped
Standard Issue Binoculars.png
Corralling Rope.png
Golden Astrolabes.png
Flintlock Pistol.png
Scented Soap.png
Golden Disco Balls.png
Spare Guitar Picks.png
Sinful Buttluster.png
Standard Issue Binoculars Corralling Rope Golden Astrolabes Flintlock Pistol Scented Soap Golden Disco Balls Spare Guitar Picks Sinful Buttluster
Service Girls 3 Amber Reverse Cowgirl Easter island Expedition Part 1 Easter island Expedition Part 3 Before Sunset Part 1 2021 After Midnight Part 1 2021 Back in Backstage Stellar Whores
Whipped Cream Tubes.png
Battered Shields.png
Ceremonial Feather Charms.png
Gymnastic Ball.png
Fap Hero Badge.png
Silver Chain.png
Gangbang Diamond.png
Fest Tokens.png
Whipped Cream Tubes Battered Shields Ceremonial Feather Charms Gymnastic Ball Fap Hero Badge Silver Chain Gangbang Diamond Fest Tokens
Wild Things 5 Medieval Lust Meet Irene Game On - Olympics Edition 3 Year Anniversary Faye Event Gangbang Diamond Heist Judy's Backdoor Pass 2021
Ripe Mango.png
Juicy Apple.png
Power Cells.png
Howler Batons.png
Pink Suction Cups.png
Summoner’s Charms.png
Jackal Amulet.png
Aphrodisiac Perfumes.png
Ripe Mango Juicy Apple Power Cells Howler Batons Pink Suction Cups Summoner’s Charms Jackal Amulet Aphrodisiac Perfumes
Meet Blossom 2021 Back 2 School 2021 Introducing_M.I.A_2021 Wasteland Howlers Bondage Fest Halloween Origins Meet Aysha Godly Encounters
Hazelnut Praline.png
Jasmine Essence.png
Red Bow.png
Decorated Gingerbread Cookie.png
Blue Glove.png
Yellow Glove.png
Dream Down Pillow.png
8-Ball Hazelnut Praline Jasmine Essence Red Bow Decorated Gingerbread Cookie Blue Glove Yellow Glove Dream Down Pillow
Black Friday 2021 Black Friday Fivesome 2021 Saya's Mirage Runaway Reindeer Meet Penny 2021 Catfight! 2022 Catfight! Part 2 Dream Land
Cooking Oil.png
Seashell Praline.png
Jade Ring.png
Sheriff Badge.png
Catalyst Vial.png
Aged Brandy.png
Bandit Bandana.png
Blue Diamonds.png
Cooking Oil Seashell Praline Jade Ring Sheriff Badge Catalyst Vial Aged Brandy Bandit Bandana Blue Diamonds
Valentine's Day Special 2022 Wrapped in Red Sexpedition Introducing Jade 2022 The Horny Bunch Breaking Lizzie After Hours With Amanda The Horny Bunch Episode 2 Gangbang Diamond Heist in Technicolor
Fresh Skydrake Fruit.png
Inflatable Donut.png
Whiskey Barrel.png
Brass Spyglass.png
Straw Sunhat.png
Finely Carved Helm.png
Reflective Triangle.png
Corn Ear.png
Fresh Skydrake Fruit Inflatable Donut Whiskey Barrel Brass Spyglass Straw Sunhat Finely Carved Helm Reflective Triangle Corn Ear
Wild Things Blossom Hot and Heavy The Horny Bunch Episode 3 Easter Island Expedition Part 1 2022 Country Roads Easter Island Expedition Part 3 2022 Wolf Necessities Nothing But Trouble
Suction Cup Dildo.png
Cat Thief Mask.png
Caramel Muffin.png
Ice-cold Drink.png
Fap Hero Badge 2.png
Aphrodite Vibrator.png
Suction Cup Dildo Flashlight Lustplug Cat Thief Mask Caramel Muffin Ice-cold Drink Fap Hero Badge Aphrodite Vibrator
Back in Backstage 2022 Country Girls Part 4 Stellar Whores 2022 Dungeon of Lust 2022 4 Year Anniversary Meet Irene 2022 Fap Ceo Heroes Good Vibes Only
Magic Shield.png
Alarm Clock.png
Old Rentax.png
Silken Rope.png
Sin Circus Ticket.png
Cobalt Ornament.png
Brass Machete.png
Magic Shield Alarm Clock Old Rentax Morningstar Silken Rope Sin Circus Ticket Cobalt Ornament Brass Machete
Medieval Lust 2022 Back To School 2022 Emma the Photographer Wasteland Howlers 2022 Bondage Fest 2022 Sin Circus Meet Aysha 2022 Looking For Trouble
VHS Tapes.png
Green Stone Earrings.png
Holly's Toys Clicking Token.png
Renee Clicking Token.png
Eira Clicking Token.png
Blossom Clicking Token.png
Creampie Clicking Token.png
Vivian Clicking Token.png
VHS Tapes Green Stone Earrings Holly's Toys Clicking Token Renee Clicking Token Eira Clicking Token Blossom Clicking Token Creampie Clicking Token Vivian Clicking Token
Alexis' Lost Tapes Black Friday 2022 Holly's Toys Renee's Gift Eira's Empire Meet Blossom 2023 Creampie Vivian's Magic Circle
Roxanne Clicking Token.png
Love Potions Clicking Token.png
Sin Circus Clicking Token.png
Joyride Patrol Clicking Token.png
Backdoor Pass Clicking Token.png
Spring Break Clicking Token.png
Roxanne Clicking Token Love Potions Clicking Token Sin Circus Clicking Token Joyride Patrol Clicking Token Backdoor Pass Clicking Token Spring Break Clicking Token
Introducing Roxanne 2023 Love Potions Sin Circus 2023 Joyride Patrol Judy's Backdoor Pass 2023 Spring Break

Past 4th Rewards (Backgrounds and Outfits)[edit]

The tournament used to sometimes have a background or outfit as the 4th reward when there was no event running.

It has not happened since January 2020.

Background Reward
Everyone that gets the minimum level or more will get the background (if they're in the 4th reward).
Urban Skyline Autumn Chill The Leviathan's Cock Idle Hour Library The Horny Bull Saloon
Math Club Room Hilltop Cabin Cemetery Gates
Outfit Reward
Everyone that gets the minimum level or more will get the outfit (if they're in the 4th reward).
Southern Belle Amanda Sheriff Amber Summertime Dita Summertime Nova
Southern Belle Amanda.png
Sheriff Amber.png
Summertime Dita.png
Summertime Nova.png