From Fap CEO

Solazola, the Stockbroker.

Height medium
Breast medium
Feet small
Age 20
Occupation Stockbroker
Likes Punctuality, Champagne, Spicy food
Dislikes Sweets, Cheap wine, Horror movies
Unlocked Stock Market
Accomplished businesswoman and savvy shareholder, her professional attitude can be nothing but beneficial to both her employers and her clients. Her focus on high-risk, high-reward investments led her to the world's most notorious trader; the CEO of the certain video char company.
Outfit name Businesswoman Solazola Beach Party Solazola Cheerleader Solazola Latex Solazola
Unlock Starting Outfit Stock Market Stock Mastery 25 300 Rubies from Sara's Playoffs 2020 200 Rubies from Black Friday Godly Encounters
Outfit name Summer Sunshine Solazola Strawberry Red Solazola
Unlock Thread from Summer Success Tier 72 from Gains Week
Title Reward Thumbnail Unlocked For
Lovely meeting you! Picture Hiring
Brunch? Picture Stock Mastery 10 from Stock Market
I need a break... Picture Stock Mastery 15 from Stock Market
About that boat... Picture Stock Mastery 20 from Stock Market
Fuck this shit. Picture Stock Mastery 30 from Stock Market
Come see this! Picture 6 Pocket Sunblock Tube from Summer Success
A little help? Picture Tier 71 from Gains Week