Saya's Private Show

From Fap CEO
Start Date October 24, 2019
End Date November 2, 2019
Saya's Private Show
- Event button! (Top right)
  • Talk to Saya on your phone!
  • Enjoy Private Shows!
Pick the right answers and get to the end of the thread to unlock pictures of Saya. Pick the 'wrong' answer and.. Saya will change her mood and you will have to start the conversation again.
  • Completed threads by replying correctly 9 time each.
  • Threads can be completed in any order and completed threads appear in your Mail in order listed on the phone.
  • Each reply consumes 100 energy. Energy is automatically replenished every 1 minute. Max energy is 400.
  • Each reply awards 5 Lube Beads. Use 20 Lube Beads to get private show scenes with Saya.
  • Refill energy with Rubies. Max cost is 100 Rubies for 400 energy. The number of rubies scales to the amount of energy need to reach the Max energy.
You can complete shows in any order.
  • During show you have 20 seconds to click on Saya and active the animation.
  • Using 20 Lube Beads on a private show scene enough times unlocks the animation and its rewards:
  • Show A: Watch 4 times to complete (Total Cost 80 Lube Beads) - Saya 1st animation in thread "Just for you...", 40 keys, 2x multiplier
  • Show B: Watch 6 times to complete (Total Cost 120 Lube Beads) - Saya 2nd animation in thread "Just for you...", 60 keys, 3x multiplier
  • Show C: Watch 8 times to complete (Total Cost 160 Lube Beads) - Saya 3rd animation in thread "Just for you...", 80 keys, 5x multiplier
  • Show D: Watch 10 times to complete (Total Cost 200 Lube Beads) - Saya 4th animation in thread "Just for you...", 100 keys, 10x multiplier
  • Complete All Shows (Total Cost 560 Lube Beads): Saya as a hireable employee and the finally 3 message threads
Complete all 4 threads and Take a Quiz button will appear under them.
  • Each answer right or wrong give 2 Lube Beads
  • Right answers light up green and wrong answers light up red
  • Each answer cost 40 energy
  • Since the event ended you can find the Questions and Answers here.