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The Ruby shop, shown above, can be scrolled through or botton labels can be clicked to quickly navigate to corresponding section.

Number Name Description
1 Stats Current amount of Rubies and Income Multiplier are shown here
2 Daily Daily Reward can be collected here
3 Rubies Rubies (in-game Premium Currency) can be purchased here, using Nutaku Gold
4 Outfits Daily Outfit Offers, buy old event outfit with rubies
5 Resources Muiltiplier, Time Skips, Event Items, or Keys are available here
6 Passes Gold and Silver Loyalty Passes are available here, to be purchased with Nutaku Gold


The Premium Currency of the game, Rubies FapCEO Ruby.png, can be bought in the bottom section of this window, the prices shown below. It should be noted though that the first time any of these bundles are purhcased there's a special double the amount of Rubies bonus (one time each).

Daily Reward[edit]

Everyday players log into the game they can receive a Reward here. Current reward varirs depending on the amount of consecutive login rewards claimed.
After reaching the reward at day 14 players start again at day 1 the next day they log in.

  • After reaching the reward at day 14 players start again at day 1 the next day they log in.
  • Missing a day will reset current Daily Reward back to day 1.
  • On the 7th day of the Daily Rewards players get 5x Multiplier (worth 200 FapCEO Ruby.png), on the 14th day, 10x Multiplier (worth 300 FapCEO Ruby.png).

Day Reward Day Reward
1 5 FapCEO Ruby.png 8 25 FapCEO Ruby.png
2 1 Time Skip 1 hour.png 9 5 Time Skip 1 hour.png
3 5 Key Icon.png 10 15 Key Icon.png
4 10 FapCEO Ruby.png 11 50 FapCEO Ruby.png
5 5 Pink Key.png 12 20 Pink Key.png
6 150 Wardrobe Token.png 13 300 Wardrobe Token.png
7 x5 Multiplier
3 Time Skip 1 hour.png
12 Key Icon.png
14 x10 Multiplier
3 Time Skip 4 hours.png
22 Key Icon.png

Daily Rewards.png

Special Packs[edit]

There are two kinds of special Packs. One appears when you reach certain Company Levels, the other is permanently there, although it always has a countdown of 24 hours on it. The Level Packs are a one time opportunity, the other Pack gets replaced by a slightly more expensive pack with better content.

Loyalty Passes[edit]

March 24th, 2020 saw the release of Loyalty Passes with a free 2 week Golden pass trail. March 27th 2020 saw the release of the first gifts earned though the system. Monthly passes can be buy with Nutaku Gold and extend at anytime. In the image ere you can see the buttons to buy, extend, and claim items.

Monthly Passes
Silver Pass Golden Pass
Get 2x Wheel Spin per day and claim 25 Rubies daily. Get 2x key drop rate, an awesome cat decoration on your desk in the CEO Office, and claim 50 rubies daily.
Silver Pass.png
Golden Pass.png
Temporary Passes
#stayathome pass I (March 27 - April 10) #stayathome pass II (March 27 - April 10)
Claim 5 Pink key daily for 14 days Claim 5 Rubies daily for 14 days
Stayathome Pass I.png
Stayathome Pass II.png