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Nerissa, the Dreamscape Denizen.

Nerissa icon.png
Height large
Breast large
Feet medium
Age ???
Occupation Dreamscape Denizen
Likes Sordid fantasies, Red wine, The Chase
Dislikes Arrogance, Raisins, Licorice
Unlocked Dark Fantasies
Things in the natural world rarely come in a singular instance. Nerissa herself is no different, born from the same fabric that makes up the Dreamscape and her sister, Oneira, she comes as the darker counterpart of dreams. The dark things that lurk at the corner of your vision, creatures that go bump in the night, Nerissa presides over all of those. Beware of the things you dream of, you might just meet them soon.
Outfit name The Nightmare Nerissa
Unlock Starting Outfit
Picture The Nightmare Nerissa Picture.png
Hired The Nightmare Nerissa.png
The Nightmare Nerissa Picture.png
Title Reward Thumbnail Unlocked For
What have we here? Text N/A Starting Reward from Dark Fantasies
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