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Here is a list of the different Multipliers that affect the income and their sources.

Global Income Multipliers[edit]

All of those are multiplied together to increase the income.

Shop Multiplier[edit]

As its name implies it can be found in the Shop.

The number in the circle is the Shop Multiplier Level, which determines how strong the current shop multipliers earned are compared to the base ones, see Permanent Multiplier for a detailed table.

There are several ways to increase this multiplier:

It is listed as both Shop Multiplier and Income Multiplier in the Stats, but it is completly separate from the Income Multiplier Skill.

Company Multiplier[edit]

This multiplier is the sum of the bonuses from:

All Company Profits Multiplier[edit]

This Multiplier comes from Gains Week's Golden Rule Perk.

It is referenced as the "All Profits Multiplier" in the Stats Window.

Prestige Multiplier[edit]

Prestige comes from Decorations and is proportional to their level.

(top: current prestige amount / bottom: bonus from the Prestige Multiplier)

The Prestige is then multiplied by each of these 3 bonuses to get the total multiplier:

Stock Market Multiplier[edit]

The Stock Market Multiplier is tied to the stock mastery level, see Stock Market for more informations.

Other Multipliers[edit]

Multipliers that affect the income but not globally.

Employee Multiplier[edit]

The income generated by each hired girl is multiplied by the bonus of her 3 size Decorations (see: Size Decoration Table).

Chair Multiplier[edit]

Empowering Chairs increases their income.

In addition to the Chair Multiplier which is the same for every seat of equal level, each seat has a different base income and Girl Upgrades.

The chair number is displayed on the bottom of the desk. When you hire a girl she gets the next free number. When the company is reset, e.g. by selling it, the chair number resets as well.

The Employee Multiplier for the girl currently occupying the seat is also visible in the Empower screen.

Clicking Power[edit]

Each click on a private show (including the Collector Skill) is multiplied by it.

The total Clicking Power is the sum of these bonuses:

When clicking on a Golden Private Show the income from the girl is also multiplied by the bonuses from the Golden Time and Golden Power Skills.

Temporary Multipliers[edit]


Using boosters will multiply the income by 1 + number of booster used.

The default duration is 3 minutes but can be extended up to 3h6min with the Drink decoration, which is added to the base duration, and the Boostin' Time Skill, which multiplies the aforementioned sum.

Selling the company removes the currently active boosters !

The main way to earn Boosters is by opening Chests, but they are also rewarded in some Events, the Wheel, Daily Rewards and for completing the Level-up Master daily.

Offline Bonus Multiplier[edit]

The Offline Bonus Multiplier is a temporary boost that only affects the regular company and not the tournament.

The multiplier is unlocked with the Comeback Bonus Skill starting at 3x and goes up to 13x with the Offline Multiplier Skill.

The multiplier can be activated after logging in by clicking on the icon shown below. It's important to note that the bonus has to be activated before selling the company or it'll be lost. Once it's been activated, it persists through company sales, though.

Quitting the game stops the bonus and the remaining time is lost.

The duration will be 10% of the time spent offline, so coming back after 10 hours will give 1 hour of offline bonus. If the player then logs out after 5 minutes and comes back 1 hour later, the offline bonus duration will be 6 minutes, not 61 minutes.

Icon when active:

The green circle represents the percentage of the remaining duration. Hovering on the icon shows the exact time until the bonus runs out.