Medieval Lust Sexpedition

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Medieval Lust Sexpedition Event.png
Start Date August 12, 2020
End Date August 19, 2020
Medieval Lust Sexpedition
Medieval Lust Sexpedition Icon.png
New Event button! (top right)
Mission screen
Medieval Lust Sexpedition Mission.png

First slot free

Second slot can be bought for 300 rubies or 1000 Bond Rings

Third slot can be bought for 450 rubies or 1500 Bond Rings

Fourth slot can be bought for 600 rubies or 2000 Bond Rings

Bond Ring.png

Medieval Lust Sexpedition Routes.png

Send Lana on quest for Bond Rings

  • 4 types of missions (Common Mission Common.png, Rare Mission Rare.png, Epic Mission Epic.png and Legendary Mission Legendary.png)
  • Each mission awards prizes and Bond Rings
  • Missions can take from 1 hour to 24 hours (Time Skips have no effect on missions)
Medieval Lust Sexpedition Rewards.png

- First reward costs 2000 Bond Rings, Second costs 3000, and Third costs 4000

  • Scribe Amber outfit and new thread Um... Sir? You're not allowed there!
  • Mercenary Amanda outfit and new thread You! You're the bastard!
  • Alewife Anika outfit and new thread ANOTHER!
• Alewife Ingrid

Alewife Ingrid.png

300 Rubies FapCEO Ruby.png
• Barbarian Cassandra

Barbarian Cassandra.png

300 Rubies FapCEO Ruby.png
• Knave PrincessCumXXX

Knave PrincessCumXXX.png

300 Rubies FapCEO Ruby.png