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Inventory Layout[edit]

Icon Name Description
Inventory Here you can see all collectible items, consumable items, event items, and (retired) CEO items you have.
Items conversion Here you can trade collectible items for common scrap at 1 items to 10 scrap ratio. Check Empower Chair for more information.
Empower Chair Here you can upgrade all 11 seats. Check Empower Chair for more information.


Open to receive Consumable items, Collectibles items, and Rubies
Chest Name Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Unlock level 1 3 5 10 15
Amount of items gained 3 5 7 9 12


You can find a table for each group of items here.

  • Collectible items can be used to progress initial (hiring) girl's message threads. Surplus collectible items can be converted into Common Scrap and used with Empower Chair.
  • Consumables provide one time bonuses and can be used in larger amounts to provide longer or stronger bonuses.
  • Event items from current and past Events and Daily Events are stored in the event section.
  • CEO items were earned during the repeating Gains Week events (up to edition 17) and are stored in the CEO section. These items cannot be obtained anymore as Gains Week edition 18 and beyond replaced them with the new perks system.

Girl presents[edit]

Girl Presents
Icon Name Icon Name Icon Name Icon Name Icon Name
Erotic Rose Essential Sex Oil Pearl Earrings Orgasm Journal Anal 101
JOY Stick Tickle Duster Love Glasses Vibrating Ring Submission Crystal
BIO Dildo Barely Legal Whiskey Buttplug Arousing Bonbons Chocolate Bead
Hula Hoop FAPLINES Badge Surfboard Golden Dildo Massive Wurst


Name 1 Hour skip 4 Hour skip 1 Day skip 5 Day skip Booster
Description When used the game give the income you would have earned during that time.

More than one can be used at a time.

When use this will increase you increase. When 1 is used income is increased 2x, when 2 are use income increases 3x, etc.

Event items[edit]

Event Items
Name Summoning Stone Black Friday Ticket Candy Cane Twin Ticket GainsTickets Amber's Secret Lube Stash Oddly Shiny Seashell Lucky Clover
Event(s) Halloween Event 2018 Black Friday Event 2018 Christmas Event 2018 Twins Event 2019 Gains Week Daily: 2 Million Player

Daily: Amber's Archives
Daily: Amber's Archives Rerun

Valentine Event 2019 Daily: St Patricks Party
Name Sheriff's Hat Yin-Yang Token Spring Blossom Golden Egg Venus Starfish Magic Lube Colorful Pompom Sexpack
Event(s) Amber Cowgirl Event Daily: Yrelianna Pack Newcomers Event Daily: Easter Foursome

Daily: Bunny Foursome

Blowjob Week Event 2019 Daily: Lisa's Toys Sara's Playoff Event 2019 The Sexpedition 1st Cumming Event 2019
Name Blessed Water Chloe's Panties Recruiter's Hat Sunscreen Oil Catnip-filled Mouse Pink Puzzle Piece Yellow Puzzle Piece Gold Bangles
Event(s) Daily: Wild Things

Daily: Wild Things Rerun

Chloe's Panties Event Independence Day Event 2019 Daily: Mrs. Ride-her Ayumi's Playroom Ayumi's Playroom Daily: Summer Heat 1 Delilah's Oral Delights
Name Blue Puzzle Piece Orange Puzzle Piece Gemini Charm Naughty Pencil Safety Cuffs Champion's Beer Mug Portal Stone Fragments Treats
Event(s) Delilah's Oral Delights Daily: Summer Heat 2 Twins Event Rerun Daily: Back 2 School 2K19 Fuck the Police Daily: Oktoberfest 2019 Sexpedition 2 Ancient Cumming Daily: Midoctober night sex
Name Lube Beads Magic Broom Bat Hairpin Neon Skates Orgasm Chair Black Scented Candle Black Friday Fivesome Tickets Black Friday Token
Event(s) Saya's Private Show Daily: Night of the Giving Head 1 Night of the Giving Head 2 Daily: Singles Day - Judy Daily: Nutaku chair promo Yrelianna's Summoning Event Black Friday Fivesome Black Friday Fivesome

Black Friday Overture

Name Octopus Ring Permafrost Snowball Green Gift Yellow Gift Mistletoe Gingerbread Cookie Blue Gift Orange Gift
Event(s) Daily: Mythical encounter Eira's Warm-up‎‎ Eira's Warm-up‎‎ Daily: Winter Chill Daily: Mrs. Claus' Holiday Holly's Gift Holly's Gift Daily: Winter Chill 2
Name Toffee Lollipop Twin Mask Public Transport Pass Backstage Pass Valentine's Token Golden Valentine's Token Officer Badge Token Probing Glove
Event(s) Daily: Lizzie Remastered Twins Event 2020

Twins Tutorial Event

Daily: Laura's payback Judy's Backdoor Pass Daily: Valentine's day special 2020 Daily: Valentine's day special part 2 2020 Fuck the Police Rerun Daily: Guilty Pleasures Daily Event
Name Ikraura Totems Green Beer Toasty Pillow Ruby Lipstick Lana's Binoculars Skimmed Milk Blueberry Scone Glowing Mushroom
Event(s) Wild Things II Tribal Orgy Daily: St Patrick's Day Chloe's Panties Rerun Daily: Rose is Back The Sexpedition 1st Cumming Rerun Daily: Daily Faps Report Lana in Wonderland Daily: Lana in Wonderland 2
Name Lotus Candle Blue Ribbon Milk Bottle Protection Helmet Fancy Prosecco Yellow Balloon Purple Balloon Shot Glass
Event(s) Daily: Saya is Back! Part 1 PrincessCumXXX Creampie PrincessCumXXX Creampie Daily: Labor Day Before Sunset Part 1 Before Sunset Part 1 Daily: Before Sunset Part 2 After Midnight Part 1
Name Red Balloon Green Balloon Oni Mask Red Yarn Ball Catnip Toy White Puzzle Piece Green Puzzle Piece Perfumed Lotion
Event(s) After Midnight Part 1 Daily: After Midnight Part 2 Saya is Back! Part 2 Daily: Kitten Playtime Ayumi's Playroom 2020 Ayumi's Playroom 2020 Daily: Summer Heat 2020 Delilah's Oral Delights 2020
Name Purple Puzzle Piece Red Puzzle Piece Ice-Cold Soda Ice Cream Scoop Ice Cream Cone Bang Camp Trophy Megaphone Candied Strawberry
Event(s) Delilah's Oral Delights 2020 Daily: Summer Heat 2 2020 Daily: Weekend Getaway Introducing Roxanne Introducing Roxanne Daily: Mrs. Rider's Bang Camp Sara's Playoffs 2020 2 Year Anniversary
Name Anniversary Cake Gift Bow Bond Ring Distilled Lust Potion Wooden Cog Sushi Temple Stone Rubber Weight
Event(s) 2 Year Anniversary Daily: 2 Year Anniversary Part 2 Medieval Lust Sexpedition Daily: Mythical Encounters 2 Medieval Lust Part 2 Daily: Laura's Payback Rerun Wild Things II Tribal Orgy Rerun Daily: Dominique's Workout Sessions
Name Star Chart Velvet Ninetail Ritual Candle Lotus Blossom Body Paint Member Patch Pink Flamingo Floater Pink Gains Week Ticket
Event(s) Her Final Frontier Sexpedition Daily: Sex Ed Classes Wild Things Part III Wild Things Part III

Meet Blossom 2021

Daily: Back 2 School 2K19 Rerun Judy's Backdoor Pass Rerun Daily: Mrs. Ride-Her Rerun Gains Week
Name Golden Hat Wolfsbane Strawberry Jam Comfy Pillow Pumpkin Spice Lotion Enchanted Collar Uninhibited Rope Disenchanted Rope
Event(s) Gains Week Night of the Giving Head Rerun Night of the Giving Head Rerun Daily: Lana's Retreat Daily: Chloe’s Shopping Trip Dungeon of Lust Dungeon of Lust Daily: Dungeon of Lust Part 2
Name Auroch Horn Enchanted Muzzle Short-term Passport Incense Oil Checkers Piece Lavander Bathbomb Soft Drink Pizza Slice
Event(s) Legends of the Badlands Daily: Faye's Heat Black Friday Overture Black Friday Overture Daily: Ayumi's Game Daily: Ingrid's Gym Run Black Friday Godly Encounters Black Friday Godly Encounters

Godly Encounters

Name Work Hammer System Lube Emergency Repair Kit Kinky Note Santa Sleigh Gingerbread Stack Baked Evergreen Baked Everpink
Event(s) Daily: Cyber Monday Surprise Box Introducing M.I.A Introducing M.I.A

Introducing M.I.A 2021

Daily: Secret Santa Daily: Amanda's Sleigh Ride Winter Wonderland Rerun Winter Wonderland Rerun Daily: Winter Wonderland Part 2
Name Bell Ornament Enchanted Candy Red Bauble Yellow Bauble Chocolate Chip Cookie Shiny Penny Enchanted Snowglobe Reindeer Sock
Event(s) Daily: Winter Wonderland Part 2 Winter Wonderland 2020 Winter Wonderland 2020 Daily: Winter Wonderland 2020 Meet Penny Meet Penny Daily: Winter Chill Rerun Winter Chill Part 2
Name Warm Mittens Cuff Key Bath Salts Pink Knuckles Car Keys Fap Veteran Medal Ice-cream Cake AP Flour
Event(s) Winter Chill Part 2 Daily: Lisa’s Stress Test Daily: Judy's Bubble Bath Catfight! Daily: Lizzie's New Ride Service Girls Daily: Hey Jade Valentine's Day Special
Name Free-Range Egg Signature Chip Irish Coffee Soft Serve Cone Milk Chocolate Command Epaulet Lucky Horseshoe Gym Towel
Event(s) Valentine's Day Special Daily: Laura's Casino Run Daily: Board Meeting With Amber Milky Day Milky Day Service Girls 2 Daily: St Patrick's Day Introducing Jade
Name Jade Pebble Fresh Kuawe Amber's Binder Whiskey Tumbler Butterfly Hair-clips Standard Issue Binoculars Pilot Shades Corralling Rope
Event(s) Introducing Jade Daily: Equinox Threesome Daily: Amber's Archives 2021 Amanda Revamped Daily: Rose is Back 2021 Service Girls 3 Daily: Charlotte's Flight Amber Reverse Cowgirl
Name Jeweled Pins 14mm Wrench Golden Astrolabes Pillaged Map Imperial Navy Signet Flintlock Pistol Digital Thermometers Scented Soap
Event(s) Daily: Delilah's Dance Daily: Labor Day 2021 Easter island Expedition Part 1 Easter island Expedition Part 1 Daily: Easter island Expedition Part 2 Easter island Expedition Part 3 Daily: Anika's Check-Up Before Sunset Part 1 2021
Name Weighted Blanket Storage-Ready Blanket Matcha Tea Golden Disco Balls Yellow Sleeping Bag Weighted Blankets Spare Guitar Picks Beer Pong Balls
Event(s) Before Sunset Part 1 2021 Daily: Before Sunset Part 2 2021 Daily: Yoga With Dominique After Midnight Part 1 2021 After Midnight Part 1 2021 Daily: After Midnight Part 2 2021 Back in Backstage Daily: Lizzie's Dorm Party
Name Slim Red Ties Sinful Buttluster Lustbaton Energy Ring FitsSits Box Whipped Cream Tubes Fake Padlock Battered Shields Horny Hot-dogs
Event(s) Daily: Mrs. Rider's Private Tutoring Stellar Whores Stellar Whores Daily: Kitten Playtime 2021 Wild Things 5 Daily: Guilty Pleasures 2021 Medieval Lust Daily: 4th of July Fireworks
Name Beach Football Balls Brand New Palette Ceremonial Feather Charms High Priestess' Mask Gymnastic Ball Green Marbles Bang Camp Compass Fap Hero Badge
Event(s) Game On! Daily: Chloe's Model Meet Irene Meet Irene Game On - Olympics Edition Daily: Game On - Olympics Edition Daily Daily: Mrs. Rider's Bang Camp 2021 3 Year Anniversary
Name Caramel Macchiato Silver Chain Promoted Perfume Bottle Calming Elixir Gangbang Diamond Pearl Bracelets Fest Tokens Fresh Coconuts
Event(s) Daily: Fap Heroverse Faye Event Daily: Double Trouble Daily: Faye's Heat 2021 Gangbang Diamond Heist Daily: Gangbang Diamond Heist Judy's Backdoor Pass 2021 Daily: Beach House Orgy
Name Ripe Mango Cuba Lime Tequila Passion Fruit Juicy Apple Velvet Blindfold Power Cells Broken Pocket Watch Howler Batons
Event(s) Meet Blossom 2021 Daily: Beach House Orgy Part 2 Daily: Beach House Orgy Part 3 Back 2 School 2021 Daily: Sex Ed Classes 2021 Introducing M.I.A 2021 Daily: Lana in Wonderland Wasteland Howlers
Name Rover Spare Parts Candied Apple Pink Suction Cups Chocolate Glazed Apples Summoner’s Charms Stun Blasters Jackal Amulet Golden Scarabs
Event(s) Daily: Wasteland Howlers Part 2 Daily: DP With Alexis and Nova Bondage Fest Daily: DP With Alexis and Nova Part 2 Halloween Origins Daily: Dalla Gangbang Meet Aysha Daily: Aysha
Name Aphrodisiac Perfumes Extra Slippery Lube Turbo Hair Dryer 8-Ball BIO Apples Cherry Blossoms Hazelnut Praline Blue Lagoon
Event(s) Godly Encounters Daily: Godly Encounters Daily Daily: Ingrid's Gym Run 2021 Black Friday 2021 Daily: Dominique's Workout Sessions 2021 Daily: Saya's Sanctuary Black Friday Fivesome 2021 Black Friday Fivesome 2021
Name Vanilla Scented Candles Orange Lantern Jasmine Essence Endlessly Refilling Bottle Red Bow Fresh Aloe Vera Decorated Gingerbread Cookie Cookie Jar
Event(s) Daily: Charlotte's Lingerie Daily: Saya's Mirage Daily Saya's Mirage Daily: Runaway Reindeer Runaway Reindeer Daily: Alexis' Plan Meet Penny 2021 Meet Penny 2021
Name Melted Ice Cream Pot Blue Glove Leather Cuffs Blueberry Cupcake Yellow Glove Black Checkers Piece Dream Down Pillow Golden Hair Comb
Event(s) Daily: Creampie Foursome Catfight! 2022 Daily: Lisa's Punishment Daily: Sleepover Time Catfight! Part 2 Daily: Ayumi's Game 2022 Dream Land Daily: Delilah's Desire
Name Cooking Oil Chef's Hat Water Lily Seashell Praline Red Shopping Bag Fresh Star Fruit Jade Ring Pearl Bracelet
Event(s) Valentine's Day Special 2022 Valentine's Day Special 2022 Daily: Lorelei's Valentine Wrapped in Red Sexpedition Daily: Chloe's Panties Daily Daily: Lana and Irene Introducing Jade 2022 Introducing Jade 2022
Name Watermelon Popsicle Sporty Watch Sheriff Badge Red Kettlebell Catalyst Vial Red Stilletos Green Poker Chip Aged Brandy
Event(s) Daily: Hey Jade 2022 Daily: Sara's Spat The Horny Bunch Daily: Charlotte's Workout Breaking Lizzie Daily: Lorelei's Legs Daily: Laura's Casino Run 2022 After Hours With Amanda
Name Ethereal Feather Bandit Bandana Blue Diamonds Gangbang Diamonds Fresh Skydrake Fruit Wild Ox Horn Void Stone Passenger Helmet
Event(s) Daily: Dreamwalk The Horny Bunch Episode 2 Gangbang Diamond Heist in Technicolor Daily: Gangbang Diamond Heist in Technicolor Daily Wild Things Blossom Wild Things Blossom Daily: Lust and Taxes Daily: Judy's Ride
Name Inflatable Donut Red Board Marker Whiskey Barrel Horny-Dog Brass Spyglass Brass Compass Red Bandana Hat Straw Sunhat
Event(s) Hot and Heavy Daily: Board Meeting With Amber 2022 The Horny Bunch Episode 3 Daily: Curbside Sex Easter Island Expedition Part 1 2022 Easter Island Expedition Part 1 2022 Daily: Easter Island Expedition Part 2 2022 Country Roads
Name Golden Kingsize Pack Rough Pinecone Finely Carved Helm Dream Plume Reflective Triangle Pocket Sunblock Tube Corn Ear Purple Orchid
Event(s) Daily: Amanda's Bail Daily: Lana's Trip Easter Island Expedition Part 3 2022 Daily: Dreamland Wolf Necessities Daily: Summer Success Nothing But Trouble Daily: Dita's Blessing
Name Peach Soap Flower Suction Cup Dildo Heliconia Claws Flashlight Scarab Amulet Whipped Cream Lustplug Kuawe Flowers
Event(s) Daily: Judy's Bubble Bath 2022 Back in Backstage 2022 Daily: Cressida's Conundrum Country Girls Part 4 Daily: Aysha's Day Off Daily: Ayumi's Sweet Surprise Stellar Whores 2022 Daily: Equinox Threesome 2022
Name Cat Thief Mask Hellish Vibrator Silver Buttplugs Caramel Muffin Dream Charm Painted Surfboard Ice-cold Drink Low-Carb Pancakes
Event(s) Dungeon of Lust 2022 Dungeon of Lust 2022 Daily: Dungeon of Lust Daily 2022 4 Year Anniversary 4 Year Anniversary Daily: Beach Blues Meet Irene 2022 Daily: Fake Driver
Name Fap Hero Badge Cold Chardonnay Cherry Earring Aphrodite Vibrator Silk Underwear Magic Shield Wooden Ruler Alarm Clock
Event(s) Fap Ceo Heroes Daily: Fap Ceo Heroes Daily Daily: Double Trouble Good Vibes Only Daily: Chloe's Secret Medieval Lust 2022 Daily: Back To School Daily Back To School 2022
Name Pink Luffa Old Rentax Fresh Raspberry Pheromone Perfume Morningstar Howler Collar Silken Rope Matcha Glazed Doughnut
Event(s) Daily: Daily Laura Emma the Photographer Daily: Anika's Check-Up 2022 Daily: Daily Lizzie Part 1 Wasteland Howlers 2022 Daily: Wasteland Howlers Daily 2022 Bondage Fest 2022 Daily: Daily Lizzie Part 2
Name Jack-o-Lantern Sin Circus Ticket Avocado Egg Toast Cobalt Ornament Magical Focus Potion Brass Machete Pumpkin Pie Cinnamon Sticks
Event(s) Daily: Daily Vivian Sin Circus Daily: Daily Lizzie Part 3 Meet Aysha 2022 Daily: Daily Hecate Looking For Trouble Daily: Daily Twins Daily: Daily Twins Part 2
Name VHS Tapes Amber's Phone Green Stone Earrings Fractal Snowflake Holly's Toys Clicking Token Holly Daily Token Renee Daily Token Renee Clicking Token
Event(s) Alexis' Lost Tapes Daily: Cyber Monday Black Friday 2022 Daily: Pippa's Secret Holly's Toys Daily: Daily Holly Daily: Daily Renee Renee's Gift
Name Eira Daily Token Eira Clicking Token Emma Daily Token Blossom Clicking Token Creampie Clicking Token Vivian Daily Token Anika Daily Token Vivian Clicking Token
Event(s) Daily: Daily Eira Eira's Empire Daily: Daily Emma Meet Blossom 2023 Creampie Daily: Daily Vivian 2023 Daily: Daily Anika Vivian's Magic Circle
Name Guilty Pleasures Daily Token Roxanne Clicking Token Hecate Daily Token Love Potions Clicking Token Pippa Daily Token Sin Circus Clicking Token Cressida Daily Token Joyride Patrol Clicking Token
Event(s) Daily: Daily Guilty Pleasures Introducing Roxanne 2023 Daily: Daily Hecate 2023 Love Potions Daily: Daily Pippa Sin Circus 2023 Daily: Daily Cressida Joyride Patrol
Name Maria Daily Token Blossom Festival Daily Token Backdoor Pass Clicking Token Judy Daily Token Spring Break Clicking Token Delilah Clicking Token Yrelianna Daily Token Yrelianna Clicking Token
Event(s) Daily: Daily Maria Daily: Blossom Festival Judy's Backdoor Pass 2023 Daily: Daily Judy Spring Break Delilah's Oral Delights 2023 Daily: Yrelianna Daily Easter Egghunt
Name Lizzie Daily Token Wonderland Lust Token Wonderland Clicking Token Irene Daily Token Mountain Hike Clicking Token Dominique Daily Token Gym Run Clicking Token Grace Daily Token
Event(s) Daily: Lizzie Daily Daily: Daily Wonderland Lust Lana in Wonderland 2023 Daily: Daily Irene Mountain Hike Daily: Daily Dominique Dominique's Gym Run Daily: Daily Grace
Name Ayumi Daily Token Ayumi Clicking Token Nova Daily Token VR Night Clicking Token Mrs. Rider Daily Token Lace and Leather Clicking Token Judy Daily 2023 Token Dita Daily Token
Event(s) Daily: Daily Ayumi Ayumi's Playroom 2023 Daily: Daily Nova Nova's Vr Night Daily: Daily Mrs. Rider Lace and Leather Daily: Daily Judy 2023 Daily: Daily Dita
Name Daily Ayumi 2023 Token Country Roads Clicking Token Summer Kick-off Daily Token Summer Vibes Clicking Token Skyler Daily Token Independence Day Clicking Token Daily Delilah 2023 Token Daily Maria 2023 Token
Event(s) Daily: Daily Ayumi 2023 Country Roads 2023 Daily: Daily Summer Kick-Off Summer Vibes Daily: Daily Skyler Independence Day Daily: Daily Delilah Daily: Daily Maria 2023
Name Hot and Heavy Clicking Token Chasing Train Daily Token Train Chasing Clicking Token Daily Roxanne 2023 Token Gas, Gas, Gas Clicking Token Amanda Daily Token Pijama Party Clicking Token Lana Daily Token
Event(s) Hot and Heavy 2023 Daily: Daily Chaising Train Train Chasing Daily: Daily Roxanne 2023 Gas, Gas, Gas Daily: Daily Amanda Pijama Party Daily: Daily Lana
Name Daily Anika 2023 Token Heatwave Clicking Token Oneira Daily Token 4 Year Anniversary Clicking Token Sara Daily Token Mean Girls Clicking Token Daily Blossom 2023 Token Daily Rider 2023 Token
Event(s) Daily: Daily Anika 2023 Heatwave Daily: Daily Oneira 2022 - 4 Year Anniversary Daily: Daily Sara Mean Girls Daily: Daily Blossom 2023 Daily: Daily Rider
Name Lace and Leather 2023 Clicking Token Lexee Daily Token Frat Party! Clicking Token Victoria Daily Token Silk and Fangs Clicking Token Saya Daily Token Meet Aysha 2023 Clicking Token Daily Yrelianna 2023 Token
Event(s) Lace and Leather 2023 Daily: Daily Lexee Frat Party! Daily: Daily Victoria Silk and Fangs Daily: Daily Saya Meet Aysha 2023 Daily: Daily Yrelianna
Name Vivian Daily Token Witching Hour Clicking Token Lorelei Daily Token Dia de los Muertos Token Maria Daily Token Black Friday Fivesome Token Grace Daily Token M.I.A. 2.0 Daily Token
Event(s) Daily: Daily Vivian Witching Hour Daily: Daily Lorelei Dia De Los Muertos Daily: Daily Maria Black Friday Fivesome Daily: Daily Grace Daily: Daily M.I.A. 2.0
Name Cyber Monday Clicking Token Lisa Daily Token Milky Day Clicking Token Amber Daily Token Flames of Amber Token Laura Daily Token Meet Penny Clicking Token Claus Daily Token
Event(s) Cyber Monday Daily: Daily Lisa Milky Day Daily: Daily Amber Flames of Amber Daily: Daily Laura Meet Penny Daily: Daily Claus
Name Cheeky Claus Clicking Token Amanda Daily Token Nerissa Daily Token Eira Clicking Token Alexis Daily Token Happy Hideaway Token Emma Daily Token Lana Daily Token
Event(s) Cheeky Claus Daily: Daily Amanda Daily: Daily Nerissa Eira's Empire Daily: Daily Alexis Alexis'Happy Hideaway Daily: Daily Emma Daily: Daily Lana
Name Exhibit Clicking Token Zoe Daily Token Horny Bunch Clicking Token Amanda Daily Token Pool Party Clicking Token Georgina Daily Token Breakfast at Georgina's Token Scarlett Daily Token
Event(s) Evening Exhibit Daily: Daily Zoe The Horny Bunch Rerun Daily: Daily Amanda Amanda's Pool Party Daily: Daily Georgina Breakfast at Georgina's Daily: Daily Scarlett
Name Leap Day Daily Token Horny Bunch 2 Token Faye Daily Token Alexis' Recipe Clicking Token Rider Daily Token Rider's Surprise Clicking Token Anika Daily Token Chloe Daily Token
Event(s) Daily: Daily Leap Day The Horny Bunch Part 2 Daily: Daily Faye Alexis' Recipe Daily: Daily Rider Mrs. Rider's Surprise Daily: Daily Anika Daily: Daily Chloe
Name Easter Photo Shoot Clicking Token Dalla Daily Token Space Voyage Clicking Token Dita Daily Token The Horny Bunch 3 Clicking Token Dominique Daily Token
Event(s) Easter Photo Shoot Daily: Daily Dalla Space Voyage Daily: Daily Dita The Horny Bunch Part 3 Daily: Daily Dominique

CEO items[edit]

CEO Items
Name Killer Queen Champagne Not-So-Smart Watch Cutting-Edge Smartphone Fap Approved Wallet 4k Ultrabook Hi-Fi Headphones Thigh-Rolled Cigar Heavy Duty Safe
Released GW 1 GW 1 GW 1 GW 1 GW 1 GW 1 GW 1 GW 1
Name Best Company Award Muscle Car Garage Emergency Valentine's Gift Lucky Charm Deck Globe Drinks Cabinet The Fanciest Suit Company Red Card Business School Books
Released GW 2 GW 2 GW 2 GW 2 GW 2 GW 2 GW 2 GW 2
Name Amber Gemstone Custom Made Freshlight Maneki Cat Quad Bike Smooth Fedora Golden Dinnerbell Equilibrium Hourglass Ahola Shirt
Released GW 3 GW 3 GW 3 GW 3 GW 4 GW 4 GW 4 GW 4
Name Jaqueline Racer Dune Cruiser Golden Mask Uralka Motorcycle Blessed Gold Ingot Togo Drum Butt-sized Baseball Broken Moral Compass
Released GW 5 GW 5 GW 5 GW 5 GW 7 GW 7 GW 7 GW 7
Name Jet Glider Figurine Doughnut Pool Float Spyglass Sleeping Sex-God Mask Platter of Pancakes Premium Carnival Mask Craft Lager Beer Ultimate Training Weights
Released GW 7 GW 7 GW 7 GW 7 GW 8 GW 8 GW 8 GW 8
Name Club Sandwitch Polka-dot Bowtie White Umbrella Succulent Cactus Club Member's Pipe Bowling Shoes Take-Out Chicken Helper Hat
Released GW 9 GW 9 GW 9 GW 9 GW 10 GW 10 GW 10 GW 10
Name Stolen Milk Bottle Anti-Stress Boobie Thief's Gloves Anal Traffic Cone Tropical Schooner Figurine Premium Leather Backpack Nautical Compass Delilah's Lamp
Released GW 11 GW 11 GW 11 GW 11 GW 12 GW 12 GW 12 GW 12
Name Captain's Cap African Mask Tiny Giza Model Best Pizza in Town Air-filter Mask Golf Gloves Ancient Vase Fap SI Badge
Released GW 13 GW 13 GW 13 GW 13 GW 14 GW 14 GW 14 GW 14
Name Spartan Helmet FapES Console Lucky Goldfish Oktoberfest Pretzels Mystery Vacation Van Flight Head Rest Ballroom Grand Piano Signature Modus Vivendi
Released GW 15 GW 15 GW 15 GW 15 GW 16 GW 16 GW 16 GW 16
Name Bioengineered Ghost Peppers Top Company Award Pumped-up Kicks Grotto-matured Cheese Vintage Surf Board The Ultimate Side One-way Ticket Ride Vintage Moped
Released GW 17 GW 17 GW 17 GW 17 GW 17 GW 17 GW 17 GW 17