Halloween Origins

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Halloween Origins Event Infos
Start Date October 22, 2021
End Date October 26, 2021
Duration 4 Days + 24h Grace period
Mission screen
The first slot is free, the other 3 can be bought with either rubies or Summoner’s Charms for the following prices:
Slot or
2 300 1000
3 450 1500
4 600 2000

Slots are unlocked only for the current sexpedition event !
Send Lana on quests for Summoner’s Charms
  • 4 types of missions (Common , Rare , Epic and Legendary )
  • Each mission awards prizes and Summoner’s Charms
  • Missions can take from 1 hour to 24 hours (Time Skips have no effect on missions)
  • Missions can be completed earlier by spending Rubies (all ongoing missions will be completed at once; cost is dependent on mission that would finish last)
  • After the event timer runs out, there is a 24h grace period in which you can finish off any missions started before the event has ended
The rewards can be bought in any order and the cost increase each time:
  • 1st reward: Summoner’s Charms x 2000
  • 2nd reward: Summoner’s Charms x 3000
  • 3rd reward: Summoner’s Charms x 4000

Rewards from left to right: