Game On - Olympics Edition

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Game On - Olympics Edition Event Infos
Game On - Olympics Edition Event.png
Game On - Olympics Edition Icon.png
Start Date July 23, 2021
End Date July 29, 2021
Duration 6 Days
Mission screen
Game On - Olympics Edition Mission.png
The first slot is free, the other 3 can be bought with either rubies FapCEO Ruby.png or Gymnastic Ball Gymnastic Ball.png for the following prices:
Slot FapCEO Ruby.png or Gymnastic Ball.png
2 300 1000
3 450 1500
4 600 2000

Slots are unlocked only for the current sexpedition event !
Game On - Olympics Edition Routes.png
Send Lana on quests for Gymnastic Ball Gymnastic Ball.png
  • 4 types of missions (Common Mission Common.png, Rare Mission Rare.png, Epic Mission Epic.png and Legendary Mission Legendary.png)
  • Each mission awards prizes and Gymnastic Ball Gymnastic Ball.png
  • Missions can take from 1 hour to 24 hours (Time Skips have no effect on missions)
  • Missions can be completed earlier by spending Rubies (all ongoing missions will be completed at once; cost is dependent on mission that would finish last)
  • After the event timer runs out, there is a 24h grace period in which you can finish off any missions started before the event has ended
Game On - Olympics Edition Rewards.png
The rewards can be bought in any order and the cost increase each time:
  • 1st reward: Gymnastic Ball Gymnastic Ball.png x 2000
  • 2nd reward: Gymnastic Ball Gymnastic Ball.png x 3000
  • 3rd reward: Gymnastic Ball Gymnastic Ball.png x 4000

Rewards from left to right:

  • Reward 1:
    • Athletic Jade outfit
    • Game on! Thread "Jade: Oh, look who decided to come by!"
  • Reward 2:
  • Reward 3:
    • Athletic Blossom outfit
    • Game on! Thread "Blossom: Your people are... Surprisngly strong."
Outfits on sale for the duration of the event
Athletic Lana Shop.png Athletic Charlotte Shop.png
Athletic Lana Athletic Charlotte
200 FapCEO Ruby.png 200 FapCEO Ruby.png