Game Layout

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Main screen

This is the screen players see on login. Not all buttons will appear at the start as some are unlocked when you reach company level 3, unlock skills, or other special events. The numbers on the image can be found in the table with a description and links to more information.

Main Screen.jpg
Number Icon Description
Shop Ruby.png
Clicking on this icon will open the Ruby Shop, where you can access Free Daily Rewards and buy Rubies for Nutaku Gold.
Shop Key.png
This icon shows you the amount of keys you have, hovering over the icon will show progress on Daily Key Cap. Clicking the icon will take you to the Ruby Shop.
Money earned.png
This shows the total Money you currently have. It will turn green when you can sell your company.
Money income.png
This shows the Money you earn per second without clicking. It will turn green when you can sell your company.
In the Shop you can buy the following items with rubies: Multiplier, Event items, Keys, and Time Skips.
Clicking this Icon will open Achievements and, after reaching company level 2, a Daily Mission.
Company level.png
This shows you current Company Level.
CEO Office.png
Click to enter the CEO Office.
Button Inventory.png
Clicking this icon take you to your Inventory, where you can open chests and view owned items. Here you can also empower your chairs. Check the Empowering chair window
Button mail.png
Click on this Icon to access your inbox, where you can send messages to girl and view unlocked pictures. You can also unlock the Gallery from here.
Tournament button.png
Click on this icon to access the Tournament during the weekend. During the week it will display a countdown clock to the next Tournament when you click on it.

Available after reaching Company Level 5.

Button Settings.png
Click on settings to open it and change game settings. Also, in this window, you can view stats, read newsfeed and the patch notes, both of them will teach you all you need to know about the newest events or changes in the game!
Button Boost&Skip.png
Clicking this icon will show earned Time Skips and Boosters. Click on Time Skips or Boosters will open a window where you can pick the amount of the item you want to use.
Button wheel.png
Click to open the Wheel. You get one free spin a day and have a chance to win Keys, Time Skips, Boosters, Archives tickets and multipliers.
Button stock.png
Click to open Stock Market, you need to have at least one girl hired to see this icon. The Market is unlocked when you get the Computer decoration. Selling Company resets any stock you bought.
Icon offline revenue.png
This icon gives a Bonus Multiplier when you return to the game, it's length depends on how long you were offline. The Comeback Bonus skill is needed for this.
Button vote.png
Click the icon to open the current Poll and vote. This appears below the Offline Multiplier only when a poll is running.
Clicking on this Event Chest will get your event items. This can be done every 1 or 2 hours depending on the event.
Chloe's Panties Icon.png
Click the icon or similar icon to access the current Event.
20 Upgrade By clicking on this icon you can change the amount of level you buy to one of the following: 1, 5, 25, 100, Max, Next Upgrade.
21 Upgrade button Girls upgrade are detailed on the linked page. By clicking and holding down you can do multiple upgrades at once.

Desk number 01.png Desk number 02.png Desk number 03.png Desk number 04.png Desk number 05.png Desk number 06.png
Desk number 07.png Desk number 08.png Desk number 09.png Desk number 10.png Desk number 11.png
Upgrade light dark.png Upgrade light lit.png Upgrade light special.png

Every girl will have a number in her desk, this indicates the order in what you hire your girls, income of the girls change depending on the hiring number.

The webcam of the girls will change colors, when it's green Upgrade light lit.png you have enough money to level her up and when it's purple Upgrade light special.png you have enough money to buy her next upgrade, which will multiply her income.

Private show.png
This icon signals a Private Show happening. Click on her while it is there to gain money additional to her passive income. In addition to that, every click you do on her has the chance to get you a Key Key Icon.png. If you unlocked the third mail thread of a girl, clicking on her during a private show will get her naked while it lasts!
Golden Private Show.png
Acts similar to a normal Private Show, but the Golden Private Show gives you more money with every click. Requires the Golden Time Skill.
Button switch outfit.png
Clicking this button cycles through the unlocked outfits of the selected girl. The selection is not saved for future hiring.