Gains Week/Perk Shop

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The Perk Shop consists of 4 CEO Perks, that can be upgraded to increase the player's Daily Key Cap, Prestige Multiplier, Company Shares Multiplier and Company Profits.

The resources required to upgrade the CEO Perks can be gained only during Gains Week. In addition to the above mentioned benefits, upgrading the CEO Perks also assists the player in gaining more resources that can be used to upgrade the CEO Perks.

Perks can be reset for 100 Rubies , so Golden Hats can be redistributed.

Perk Shop can be accessed either through the Perk Shop tab during Gains Week events, or through the Golden Hat icon inside CEO Office.

Use Golden Hats to unlock and level these perks.

Name Icon Company Bonus Max Level Total Cost
Gains Week Board-Game Bonus
The Bank +25 .. 625 Daily Key Cap. 25 x 17 265
+5% .. 25% Rewards from Properties deposited in the bank.
The Prestige x1.25 .. 2.29e12 Overall Prestige Multiplier. 125 x 62.79e6
+2 .. 50 Upgrade Cash when passing start.
The Stock Split x1.25 .. 2.29e12 Company Shares Multiplier. 125 x 62.79e6
+25 .. 625 Upgrade Cash at the start of every Gains Week event.
The Golden Rule x1.25 .. 2.29e12 All Company Profits. 125 x 62.79e6
+2 .. 50 Golden Hats to each property base reward.
Total Cost x 188.39e6