Faye Event

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Faye Event Infos
Faye Event.png
Faye Event Icon.png
Start Date August 06, 2021
End Date August 12, 2021
Duration 6 Days
This is a rerun of Dungeon of Lust
How to play

Collect Silver Chain every 2 hours from the event chest by clicking on it repeatedly and by participating in the Tournament (at most once per event, may not happen for all events).

Silver Chain.png

Use those Silver Chain to get 30 seconds with Faye. Click on her! Every click increase your score and has a chance to drop time skips, keys, boosters or more Silver Chain!

Using multiple Silver Chain at a time increase your clicking power proportionally to get to the next tier faster, but it won't increase the chance to get extra items.

Faye Window.png
Event entry rewards
  • 2x Silver Chain Silver Chain.png

Tier rewards
Tier 1
  • 1st Faye Animation in the thread "Mmm... Mate... Mate with me..." (rerun)
  • 2x Multiplier
  • 50x Keys Key Icon.png
Tier 2
  • 2nd Faye Animation in thread "Mmm... Mate... Mate with me..." (rerun)
  • 3x Multiplier
  • 100x Keys Key Icon.png
  • Disco Dita Outfit
Tier 3
  • 3rd Faye Animation in thread "Mmm... Mate... Mate with me..." (rerun)
  • 5x Multiplier
  • 200x Keys Key Icon.png
  • Cozy Dominique Outfit
Tier 4
  • 4th Faye Animation in thread "Mmm... Mate... Mate with me..." (rerun)
  • 10x Multiplier
  • 100x Pink Key Pink Key.png
  • Faye as a hireable employee
  • White Lace Faye Outfit
  • Faye's Thread "Well, we got an emergency."
Silver Chain sales in the Shop

10 Silver Chain.png = 150 FapCEO Ruby.png

40 Silver Chain.png = 450 FapCEO Ruby.png

100 Silver Chain.png = 1000 FapCEO Ruby.png

Outfits on sale for the duration of the event
Red Lace Faye Shop.png Latex Lisa Shop.png
Red Lace Faye Latex Lisa
200 FapCEO Ruby.png 200 FapCEO Ruby.png