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Wow..I must truly say you are a very creative person. Your creativity, word delivery, and deliverance always gives a realistic life like adventure. I had once known a woman who was so creative til I think it scared her. Now she has stepped out of her own shadow and is showing the world and giving the world the best of her. She's the most amazing woman I know. The two of you should get acquainted. I can only imagine the greatest collections of Hentai that would be produced. There was no comment section so I just wrote the first one because your work definitely needs to be seen.

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The Movement

Game Play[edit]

Q: Does the game allow auto-clickers?

A: Yes, but at a max of 19 cps (used to be 25 but was downgraded). If you go higher than that, the game will not register those extra clicks, it will count like you were at 19 cps. However, if you go over 60 cps, you'll get kicked out from the game.

Also, programs that click/tap a single spot are allowed. Any further automation of gameplay, like changing the position of the cursor/tapped spot, is considered botting.

Q: How do I gain Rubies?

A: Rubies are the premium currency of the game, you can either purchase them via the Ruby Shop, or also gain them from Achievements, Daily Rewards, participating in the weekly occurring Tournament, and rarely from opening Chests (10 rubies from ~120 chests).

Q: When am I eligible to sell my company?

A: Clicking the middle top banner that's showing your current income will show you how many levels you have to raise your girls before you can sell your company. It will also flash green once you're eligible to do so. You may also hit the green circle displaying your company level to check. The required levels to sell the company will cap at 30000 at level 95000.

Q: What are shares and what can I do with them?

A: Once you sell your company, you will gain a certain amount of shares. They are used to buy and upgrade decorations that show up in the CEO Office. These decorations give you unique bonuses and a Prestige bonus.

Q:What is the level cap?

A: There is no known level cap for the company level, and the highest level a girl can reach is 5600 if placed in the 1st seat. (The accumulated level of all girls maxed is 56750.)

Q: What is Prestige and how does it benefit me?

A: Prestige is a reward you gain after investing your Shares into decorations for the CEO Office. It gives you a revenue boost of 1% bonus per point. This increases your overall income.

Q: Does Prestige increase the amount of shares you get?

A: No it does not.

Q: Is there any other way to increase my stats?

A: In the CEO Office, on the right you have the Skill Tree button where you're able to invest your earned Skill Points into either the Clicker or Idle skills, which will help increase your revenue. We recommend you invest your points wisely, but rest assured, you can always reset within the menu for 25 rubies. Skills are also automatically reset when you use Ascension.

Q: What do I use keys for?

A: Keys can be used to unlock Chests (which can be accessed by pressing the small Chest button on the left). Chests contain collectible items that you can use to unlock pictures in emails, as well as consumables such as Time-Skips or Boosters. More rarely, you can even get rubies. You can gain keys from Daily Rewards, Wheel Spins, Events and from drops by girls on a private show. With the Sculpture Decoration you can also increase your chances of getting a drop from your girls' Private Shows. It is best to save keys until level 15 to get the most items. Daily key cap can be increased by getting some CEO items from Gains Week and by upgrading the KEYS-SUPREME ascension skill.

Q: What do I use pink keys for?

A: Pink Keys can be used to unlock Archives and Backgrounds. They can be earned through Daily/Weekly Quests, Daily Rewards, Wheel Spins, Events and Tournament (when there isn't any Event token in the 4th reward).

Q: Does the Booster work offline?

A: It doesn't, but the timer stops. The reason you see it go all the way back to full is because the remaining time is set as the "new 100%".

Q: Does the color of the webcams on the girls' computers mean something?

A: Yes: Green means you can buy levels - Purple means you can buy an upgrade - Grey is the default, when you can't do either.

Q: What do the green multipliers on the wheel mean?

A: That is a permanent multiplier , the same you can get from Daily Rewards, buy in the Ruby Shop or receive during multiple Events.


Q: What is the best order to hire girls?

A: The first girl you hire goes on seat one, the next girl on seat two, and so on, regardless on actual position. Which chair is the best varies according to current total girls level, but 1, 3, 10 and 9 are some of the better ones throughout.

Q: How can you change girls outfit?

A: Use the arrows when hiring the girls to change outfits to one you own. Also outfits can be change after the girl is hired, by selecting the girl and clicking the refresh icon that will appear in the lower left corner. You may have to click more than once to get the outfit you want, if you own several outfits for a girl.

Q: How do I get private shows?

A: "Private shows" are not really a private shows that you would think of. They are just events happening every so often depending on decorations and skills. They happen when you see red/pink/golden circle with eye in the middle.

Q: Girls won't remove their clothes while they are performing private shows. Is it a glitch or not? If it is, how to fix it?

A: You must start the 3rd message chain to unlock that for each girl. If you have, check to see if SFW is on and turn it off. It is located in settings.

Q: Do unlocked event girls stay after the event ends?

A: Yes.

Q: I missed an event how can I get the event girls?

A: Developers have re-released event girls in other events or Daily events.

Q: I unlock an outfit during an event, but I don't have the girl unlocked. What happens to the outfit?

A: Outfits acquired before you have a girl will be available immediately after unlocking the girl.

Q: I got Kelly how do I unlock Grace?

A: With the release of Twins Tutorial Event Grace and Kelly are unlocked when you receive Kelly. Grace is not a new girl though, but a skin for Kelly.

Q: How do girl's personal multipliers work?

A: The multiplier works like this: if the girls have x4/x5/x3 in Height/Breast/Feet, the total multiplier would be "4x5x3 = 60".

Q: Do replies to girls messages change the reward image?

A: No, the images are the same no matter the reply.

Q: Can girls be fired or moved desks?

A: Girls cannot be fired or moved once hired, they stay until you sell your company, at which point you can re-hire them in your desired seating positions.


Q: Does selling a decoration put it back in the "undiscovered" pool?

A: Yes, but you will not get the same decoration back from the undiscovered pool the first time you get a decoration after selling it. After that you can get it again.

Q: Is the order you get decorations in random?

A: Your first decoration is always the Stock Market (Deco), after that it is random.

Q: What exactly does the Couch, Base Cost Reduction, do?

A: Base Cost --- That is the normal price for hiring, buying levels, and upgrading. Base cost reduction makes hiring, buying levels, and buying upgrades the girls cost less.

Q: What is the difference between Level Cost Reduction and Upgrade Cost Reduction?

A: Level Cost Reduction -Levels are green- reduces the cost of each level. Example 1, 2, 3, ect will cost less.

Upgrade Cost Reduction -Upgrades are purple- reduces the cost of each upgrade. Example 5, 10, 25, ect will cost less.

Q: How do I get more Shares?

A: The decoration Neon Sign, some CEO items and a higher company level will increase the amount of shares you get


Q: What type of event are there?

A: At this time there are many types of events.

Clicking events: You open chests and then click on a girl for points.

Mission events: You send out missions ranging from 1 hour to 24 hours and collect items.

Card event: You click on a chest and use the ticket to play a random card shuffling game.

Energy event: You gain energy every minute and use it to click on a girl and gain points.

Daily Quest event: You get an extra item each day when you complete your Daily Quest during the event, which you can use to send replies in special event threads.

Q: For Mission based events, do I get to pick the girl/outfit I want?

A: Yes, once you get enough event items you can pick the event girl/outfit you want.

Q: For Mission based events, how do I unlock event girls?

A: Once you get enough items, an extra button will show up in the left area of the mission window. Click it and you can choose a girl.

Q: For Mission base events, if I start a mission before the event end, but it completes after the event end can I claim it?

A: Yes, the mission icon stays for 24 hours after the event ends.

Q: For Mission based events, if I have the event items can I get the girls after the event ends?

A: Yes, the mission icon stays for 24 hours after the event ends.

Q: For Clicking based events, can you get tickets from the regular (yellow) chest?

A: No, you can only get tickets from the event (pink) chest.

Q: I have finished the event. Is there any point of continuing?

A: This is up to you. Events do not give you any further major rewards.

Mission events -- if you continue sending mission you have a chance to get boosters, time skips, keys, permanent multipliers.

Clicking events -- if you continue using tickets to click, you have a small chance to get keys, time skips, boosters, extra tokens.

Card event -- if you continue using tickets to click, you will get one of the following event items, keys, time skips, boosters, or permanent multipliers.


Q: Can I get backgrounds I missed from previous tournaments?

A: Yes, Backgrounds can be unlocked in the CEO Office using Pink Keys .

Q: Can you give me some tips on how to get my girls in Fap CEO to higher level in the tournament?

A: You just need to build up your multipliers (Decorations, Permanent Multiplier, CEO items, Empower Chair, Clicking Power). For Decorations, focus on them in the order in this link: upgrade order. If you are missing any S ranking one try discovering more decorations. Also always place the girls with the highest multiplier at your seats 1, 3, 10 and 9 (in that order), and upgrade those chairs the most, since they are the best ones throughout.


Q: I want to learn more/have a question about the game, what can I do?

A: Fap CEO has it's own Discord server with lots of helpful people in it. You can find it here: Discord


Q: Can you play on Linux?

A: Yes, follow this link for instructions: Linux

Q: I'm getting a black screen in-game, what should I do?

A: This is a known issue in Google Chrome. For now recommend trying to open the game in a different browser such as Firefox or Edge, but also reloading Chrome or closing other tabs if you have them open.

Q:Does this game have an android app?

A: It does, you can download it on nutaku.net

Q: When can we expect the game to be on iOS?

A: Due to Apple's policy on third party apps and adult content, it's currently not possible for the game to be developed for iOS.

Q: Having issues loading the game on your mobile device?

A: We advise doing the following: - making sure you have Android 6.0 or above - under your phone's Settings, the Unknown sources option is checked as enabled. This will allow you to install third party apk files on your device - always download the latest .apk from the Nutaku website - clear Fap CEO's app data, uninstall and re-download and install the latest .apk if you're having issues loading the game - make sure that you're logged in on the Nutaku website from your mobile phone's main browser - restart your mobile phone if you're having issues loading the game.

Q: Having issues loading the game in your browser?

A: Please try the following solutions: - reloading the game via CTRL+SHIFT+R and clearing your browser's cache - disabling ad-blockers on Nutaku as that can interfere with the game loading - opening the game with as few tabs opened as possible or an incognito tab - trying a different browser such as Firefox or Edge - reinstalling your browser - please make sure you're running on the latest version of the game, as running on an older version could potentially make it so that you experience other issues as well (you can do so by clearing your browser's cache from the beginning of time) - consider using the PC build version of Fap CEO, as it should run more smooth on older computers. You can find it here: https://www.nutaku.net/games/download/fap-ceo-dl/

Q: Could the images be stored locally?

A: They already are when you install the game.

PC downloadable version:

"%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Boombox Games\Fap CEO"
"%APPDATA%\..\Roaming\Boombox Games\Fap CEO"

Android version:


"/internal storage/Android/data/com.boombox.fapceo/files"

(When not found in sd card/ sd card is not present/ sd card is faulty)