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The Event Portal can be accessed from the company page starting from the level 5:

Event Portal Icon.png

Event Portal Window[edit]

Event Portal Window.png

Past Events can be played from here if you had not completed them when they were first released or were not playing at the time.

If you had leftover items from an event you will be able to use them to finish it, your previous progress is also saved.

Starting an event cost Rubies FapCEO Ruby.png and can be done at any time and does not interfere with the other events currently running, only one event can be started at a time in the Event Portal.

Once you start an event the Event Portal window will change to only display the event until you complete it, or the timer ends in which case you'll be able to restart it again from where you ended.

You won't lose your items or progress if you can't finish an event in time !

Event Portal Active Event.png

For now the Event Portal only contains Clicking Events.

Once added events won't be removed from the Portal and the outfits rewarded are removed from the Daily Rotation in the Shop.

Clicking Events[edit]

How to play Clicking Events:


Event Portal specific pieces of information:

  • Every event last for 7 days regardless of the original duration.
  • Clicking items are only available from the offers in the Event Portal and the event chest in the main company.
  • If an event with chest items is already running the chest will drop both items.
  • Each event has 3 offers you can buy in sequence for 1000, 2500 and 5000 Nutaku Gold Nutaku Gold.png respectively for 60, 100 and 200 event items along with Rubies, Keys and a Multiplier.

Event Portal Clicker Start Popup.png

Available Events[edit]

Sara's Playoffs - Event Portal Twins 2020 - Event Portal 2 Year Anniversary - Event Portal Fuck the Police 2020 - Event Portal Blowjob Week - Event Portal Introducing Roxanne - Event Portal Chloe's Panties - Event Portal Renee's Gift - Event Portal Saya is Back! Part 2 - Event Portal Night of the Giving Head - Event Portal Lana in Wonderland - Event Portal Tribal Orgy - Event Portal Delilah's Oral Delights - Event Portal