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While this type of event is active, the bi-hourly Pink Chest will yield a random Girl Present and two Event Tokens. Extra Tokens are usually rewarded during the weekly Tournament. Event Tokens can be used on the event’s page, in a 30 second minigame, during which the objective is to click on the animated scene as fast as possible, accumulating points. This minigame can be repeated an infinite number of times so long as the event is active and the player has any amount of Tokens above 0. Each time you click on the girl, there is a small chance of receiving bonus items (around 1 or 2 bonus items per 10-15 Tokens, regardless of how many items are used at once); bonus items can be Boosters, Time-Skips, Keys, or extra Event Tokens.

Scoring Points[edit]

Since the game registers up to 19 CPS (clicks per second), using a properly configured auto-clicker can reward about 570 points per event token (19 clicks-per-second * 30 seconds = 570 clicks; using 1 item, you'll get 1 point per click = 570 points per item). To reach 80k points and unlock all rewards, you'll need about 141 event items (141 * 30 * 19 = 80,370 points). Events that require 60k points can be completed with 106 event items (106 * 30 * 19 = 60,420 points).

Clicking Power[edit]

Using more items at once increases the Clicking Power, generating more points per click. This allows to complete the event faster. Apart for saving time, there is no "extra bonus" for using multiple items at once (using 1x item yields 1 point per click; 2x items, 2 points per click; 3x items, 3 points per click; and so on).

Using 36 item at one time give 36x points (assuming 570 points per item) yields 36 * 570 = 20,520 points (enough to complete 1 tier) in 30 seconds. In contrast, if 36 items are used one at a time the result will still be 20,520 points, but will take 18 minutes.

Using one at a time gives more chances (attempts) of randomly getting extra items.

Warning: Players should avoid using too many tokens at though, since a game crash during the event could lead to a scenario where the tokens were consumed but no points were registered.

On January 16th, 2020, the Twins Tutorial Event was introduced to make Kelly/Grace main storyline girls. The event starts for all new players after they reach level 3. The event is an easier repackage of the Twins Event 2020, requiring only 20k points to be completed.


The Event Chest is located in the Bottom Right of the Main Screen. Chest has a 120 minutes cool-down. When timer reaches 0, clicking on it rewards 2 event tokens and 1 common item.

The rewards for each event are displayed on the left side of the event screen and you can track your progress, see the remaining time, and see the number of event items there. You can use one or more items to get 30 seconds for clicking time on the girl. Using one at a time increases the chance of receiving bonus items, but take the longest time to complete. During earlier event reruns, there used to be a second reward table for players who have already completed the first event (for example, Blowjob Week Event 2019 which is a "rerun" of the Valentine Event 2019).


Here are a few guidelines to help finish the events effectively.

  • Run an auto clicker on the chest when you are not there, IE at night and during work hours.
  • Uses Event items one by one. This increases the chance to get more event items.
  • If you have game crash issues, try not to use all event items at once.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to use event items, game issues or real life issues can come up and you will lose out on finishing the event.

All Clicking Events[edit]