CEO items

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CEO Items were exclusive from the old Gains Week format, a repeating event that comes back every month.

They used to give special effects that boosted your company, those effects were:

  • Daily key cap: Increases your daily key cap by the indicated amount.
  • Shares revenue: Increases your CEO shares multiplier by the indicated amount - +1x, +2x, etc.
  • Overall prestige: Increases your prestige by the indicated amount - +1x, +2x, etc.
  • All profits: Increases all your profits by the indicated amount - +1x, +2x, etc.

They have now been replaced by the new Perks and no longer provide any boost !

Daily key cap starts at 200, multipliers start at 0.

All effects are cumulative. If you draw, for example, the Company Red Card as the first item, your key cap would be 200 + 25 = 225 and your prestige multiplier would be 0 + 2 = 2. If next, you draw the 4k Ultrabook, your key cap would stay at 225, your prestige multiplier would increase to 0 + 2 + 1 = 3 and your profit multiplier would increase to 0 + 1 = 1.

Multipliers of different kinds are not added but multiplied.

Shares, for example, are calculated as SharesEarned * CEO Shares Multiplier * Neon Sign Shares Multiplier * Shares-are-queen Ascension Multiplier.

CEO item effects can be seen in your settings screen. Currently, there are 80 CEO Items in total.

CEOItem effects settings.png

Image Effects Released in Gains week #
Daily Key Cap All Profit Shares Revenue Overall Prestige
Killer Queen Champagne Killer Queen Champagne.png 25 1x GW 1
Not-So-Smart Watch Not-So-Smart Watch.png 25 1x GW 1
Cutting-Edge Smartphone Cutting-Edge Smartphone.png 25 1x GW 1
Fap Approved Wallet Fap Approved Wallet.png 25 1x GW 1
4k Ultrabook 4k Ultrabook.png 1x 1x GW 1
Hi-Fi Headphones Hi-Fi Headphones.png 1x 1x GW 1
Thigh-Rolled Cigar Thigh-Rolled Cigar.png 1x 1x GW 1
Heavy Duty Safe Heavy Duty Safe.png 1x 1x GW 1
Best Company Award Best Company Award.png 3x 3x GW 2
Muscle Car Garage Muscle Car Garage.png 25 1x 1x 1x GW 2
Emergency Valentine's Gift Emergency Valentine's Gift.png 2x 2x GW 2
Lucky Charm Deck Lucky Charm Deck.png 25 1x 1x 1x GW 2
Globe Drinks Cabinet Globe Drinks Cabinet.png 25 2x GW 2
The Fanciest Suit The Fanciest Suit.png 3x 3x GW 2
Company Red Card Company Red Card.png 25 2x GW 2
Business School Books Business School Books.png 2x 2x GW 2
Amber Gemstone Amber Gemstone.png 25 2x 2x GW 3
Custom Made Freshlight Custom Made Fleshlight.png 2x 1x 2x GW 3
Maneki Cat Maneki Cat.png 25 2x 1x GW 3
Quad Bike Quad Bike.png 25 1x 2x GW 3
Smooth Fedora Smooth Fedora.png 1x 2x GW 4
Golden Dinnerbell Golden Dinnerbell.png 2x 1x GW 4
Equilibrium Hourglass Equilibrium Hourglass.png 25 1x 2x GW 4
Ahola Shirt Ahola Shirt.png 2x 1x 1x GW 4
Jaqueline Racer Jaqueline Racer.png 3x 2x 2x GW 5
Dune Cruiser Dune Cruiser.png 3x 2x 2x GW 5
Golden Mask Golden Mask.png 50 2x 2x GW 5
Uralka Motorcycle Uralka Motorcycle.png 3x 2x 2x GW 5
Blessed Gold Ingot Blessed Gold Ingot.png 25 1x 1x 1x GW 7
Togo Drum Togo Drum.png 25 1x 1x 1x GW 7
Butt-sized Baseball Butt-sized Baseball.png 5x GW 7
Broken Moral Compass Broken Moral Compass.png 5x GW 7
Jet Glider Figurine Jet Glider Figurine.png 5x GW 7
Doughnut Pool Float Doughnut Pool Float.png 3x 2x 2x GW 7
Spyglass Spyglass.png 2x 3x 2x GW 7
Sleeping Sex-God Mask Sleeping Sex-God Mask.png 2x 2x 3x GW 7
Platter of Pancakes Platter of Pancakes.png 3x 2x 2x GW 8
Premium Carnival Mask Premium Carnival Mask.png 3x 2x 2x GW 8
Craft Lager Beer Craft Lager Beer.png 25 2x 2x GW 8
Ultimate Training Weights Ultimate Training Weights.png 3x 2x 2x GW 8
Club Sandwitch Club Sandwitch.png 3x 2x 2x GW 9
Polka-dot Bowtie Polka-dot Bowtie.png 3x 2x 2x GW 9
White Umbrella White Umbrella.png 3x 2x 2x GW 9
Succulent Cactus Succulent Cactus.png 3x 2x 2x GW 9
Club Member's Pipe Club Member's Pipe.png 25 2x 2x GW 10
Bowling Shoes Bowling Shoes.png 1x 2x GW 10
Take-Out Chicken Take-Out Chicken.png 3x 2x 1x GW 10
Helper Hat Helper Hat.png 2x 1x GW 10
Stolen Milk Bottle Stolen Milk Bottle.png 25 2x GW 11
Anti-Stress Boobie Anti-Stress Boobie.png 2x 5x GW 11
Thief's Gloves Thief's Gloves.png 2x 5x GW 11
Anal Traffic Cone Anal Traffic Cone.png 5x 2x GW 11
Tropical Schooner Figurine Tropical Schooner Figurine.png 2x 2x 3x GW 12
Premium Leather Backpack Premium Leather Backpack.png 3x 2x 2x GW 12
Nautical Compass Nautical Compass.png 3x 2x 2x GW 12
Delilah's Lamp Delilah's Lamp.png 25 2x 2x GW 12
Captain's Cap Captain's Cap.png 2x 5x GW 13
African Mask African Mask.png 3x 2x 2x GW 13
Tiny Giza Model Tiny Giza Model.png 2x 2x 3x GW 13
Best Pizza in Town Best Pizza in Town.png 5x 2x GW 13
Air-filter Mask Air-filter Mask.png 1x 1x GW 14
Golf Gloves Golf Gloves.png 1x 1x GW 14
Ancient Vase Ancient Vase.png 1x 1x GW 14
Fap SI Badge Fap SI Badge.png 1x 1x GW 14
Spartan Helmet Spartan Helmet.png 2x 4x GW 15
FapES Console FapES Console.png 3x 2x 2x GW 15
Lucky Goldfish Lucky Goldfish.png 2x 2x 3x GW 15
Oktoberfest Pretzels Oktoberfest Pretzels.png 4x 2x GW 15
Mystery Vacation Van Mystery Vacation Van.png 3x 2x 2x GW 16
Flight Head Rest Flight Head Rest.png 25 2x 2x GW 16
Ballroom Grand Piano Ballroom Grand Piano.png 1x 2x GW 16
Signature Modus Vivendi Signature Modus Vivendi.png 3x 2x 1x GW 16
Bioengineered Ghost Peppers Bioengineered Ghost Peppers.png 25 3x GW 17
Top Company Award Top Company Award.png 5x 3x GW 17
Pumped-up Kicks Pumped-up Kicks.png 3x 5x GW 17
Grotto-matured Cheese Grotto-matured Cheese.png 5x 5x GW 17
Vintage Surf Board Vintage Surf Board.png 10x GW 17
The Ultimate Side The Ultimate Side.png 5x 3x GW 17
One-way Ticket Ride One-way Ticket Ride.png 5x 3x 5x GW 17
Vintage Moped Vintage Moped.png 5x 3x 5x GW 17
Total of effects: 550 151x 126x 132x