CEO Office

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Here we will go over icons not covered in Game Layout. The image used also displays all fully upgrade decorations.

CEO Office[edit]

CEO Office Layout.png

Number Icon Description
1 CEO Office.png Clicking this icon with take you back to the main game screen.
2 Button Decorations.png Click icon to access decorations. Here you can buy and upgrade decorations using stocks from selling your company. You can also sell decorations using rubies.

From this button you'll also be able to get into the Ascension menu, where you can ascend and upgrade your Ascension Skills.

3 Button skill tree.png Click to open your Skill Tree.
4 Background changer.png Click here to change your background to one of the unlocked backgrounds or turn on randomize background.
5 Button Ascension.png Click to open your Ascension Perks.
6 Pictures Random unlocked pictures and teaser pictures will appear on the computer screen in front of the CEO.
7 Button Perk Shop.png Click to visit Gains Week's Perk Shop.

CEO Office Backgrounds[edit]

Background Name Description
BasicCEOOffice.png Basic CEO Office Your first CEO Office. Never gets old.
ThrilleniumOwl.png Thrillenium Owl What other office can build a multimillion empire starting with just 12 dollars/sec?!