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The Battlepass is split in "episodes", each lasting 2 to 4 weeks (duration may vary in the future).

Each episode allows you to unlock content by reaching tiers by either collecting items or paying 150 to reach the next tier.

The rewards can be Girls, Outfits, Threads, Multiplier, Keys, ...

Battlepass items[edit]

Ways to earn items:

  • Each daily quest gives you:
    • 10 items for a total of 50 daily (4 weeks battlepass).
    • 15 items for a total of 75 daily (2 weeks battlepass).
  • Each weekly quest gives you 70 items for a total of 350 weekly.
  • Clicking on girls with private shows can earn you 50 items daily.

Completing everything will give you 4200 items for a 4 weeks battlepass and 2450 for a 2 weeks one, more than needed to finish.

The meta quest don't give items.

The item drop rate when clicking on girls is fixed but having more girls with private shows on will allow you to collect the items faster if you have the Coin Apocalypse skill.


Each battlepass episode has 2 reward trees:

  • Fappass which can be unlocked with nutaku gold .

  • Freepass which everyone has access to freely.

Each tier requires your to have accumulated a certain amount of item, indicated in the top right corner of the window.

You can also pay 150 to reach the next tier, regardless of your current progress.

Players that buy the fappass will be able to claim both trees for the episode, regardless of when they bought it.

The fappass allow players to unlock some content faster or have extra outfits, but all the content is available in the free pass and extra outfits will come to the daily rotation in the shop later on.

At the end of the episode, extra items will be exchanged for extra items (ex: Pink Key ) by the Bank.

When the episode ends, any unclaimed reward will automatically be claimed.

List of current and past Battlepass episodes[edit]