Barflies Battle Pass

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Barflies Battle Pass
 The girls prepared an earlier St Patrick's Day party. And where could it be the perfect place to celebrate it if not outside, at an open bar???
 This pass will bring more rewards, new content and the first part of a new panorama!
Start Date March 10, 2024
End Date March 24, 2024
Duration 14 Days
How to play

Collect Barflies Token by doing the daily quests, weekly quests and clicking on the girl to unlock the rewards !

More information here: Battlepass

1 100 500x Wardrobe Token Barflies Thread "Amanda, Ingrid, You"
2 200 10x Time Skip 1h Barflies Thread "Emma, Charlotte, You"
3 300 10x Time Skip 4h Barflies Thread "I Can Make This Beer Disappear!"
4 400 1x Time Skip 1d 25x Pink Gains Week Ticket
5 500 5x Multiplier Barfly Emma Outfit
6 600 50x Keys 1x Time Skip 1d
7 700 15x Pink Key Barfly Charlotte Outfit
8 800 1000x Wardrobe Token 3000x Wardrobe Token
9 900 75x Keys 75x Pink Key
10 1000 Barfly Amanda Outfit 1000x Rubies
11 1100 25x Pink Key 5x Multiplier
12 1200 100x Keys 300x Keys
13 1300 10x Pink Gains Week Ticket Barfly Vivian Outfit
14 1400 100x Rubies 100x Pink Key
15 1500 1500x Wardrobe Token 15x Multiplier
16 1600 50x Pink Key 300x Keys
17 1700 10x Pink Gains Week Ticket 10x Time Skip 5d
18 1800 Barflies Thread "Amanda, Ingrid, You" 150x Pink Key
19 1900 Barflies Thread "Emma, Charlotte, You" 6000x Wardrobe Token
20 2000 Barflies Thread "I Can Make This Beer Disappear!" Barfly Ingrid Outfit

Once the Battlepass ends the remaining Barflies Token will be exchanged for Pink Key by the Bank.

x 100 x 25