Ascension Skills

From Fap CEO

Each Ascension you earn Cosmic Shares. Use Cosmic Shares to unlock and level these skills.

Name Icons Description Max Level Total Cost
Skipping Chance Increase the CHANCE to skip company levels when you sell 25 19 473
Level-Skip Increase the number of company LEVELS you skip 100 811 816
Deco-Price-Cut Decrease Discover and Upgrade cost of decorations 10 340
Prestige-is-King Multiply the total amount of Prestige 10 340
Shares-are-Queen Multiply the total amount of Shares 10 340
Hey-Boo-Fee Increase the MAX level for all FEET, BREAST, and HEIGHT multiplier decorations 10 86 772
Fast-Keys Increase the max level for the Sculpture decoration 10 86 772
Clickity-Clank Increase your clicking power by 10 Unlock 100
Money-For-All11 Increases the starting money just enough to hire all 11 girls in one click (+1e15) Unlock 1000
Company-Piggy-Bank Increase the company income multiplier by 100 Unlock 5000
KEYS-SUPREME Increase your total daily key limit cap by +200 Unlock 10 000
Dalla's Tribute Continue Dalla's Story! 6 659 180
Stock Attempts Increase your daily Stock Market Attempts Unlock 5000
Board Room Attempts Increase your daily Board Room Attempts Unlock 5000
  Total Cost 1 672 633