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Upon reaching Company Level 100, you unlock the ability to Ascend your Company!

General Info[edit]

Ascension, unlocked at Company Level 100, can be found in the CEO Office, by clicking on the Ascension Button Button Ascension.png.

Ascending resets parts of your Progress, allowing you to acquire huge new boosts.

It yields Cosmic Shares CosmicShares.png, which can be spent on Ascension Skills.

Upon ascending, the following will be reset:

Everything else will be kept:

After you ascended for the first time, you are able to hire Dalla.
She does explain the Ascension System basics in the game.

Scientist Dalla Picture.png

Additionally, you now can choose between your normal CEO Office and a new, Space Ship kind of look: "Thrillenium Owl", the Wall Paper Decoration changes appearance depending on your choice. The general layout of the Office can be changed directly under all the backgrounds in a new category.

Every time you Ascend, your Ascended Level increases by one, starting at the level 1. This value is used to track the amount of Ascensions you have done and is required for one of the Achievements.

Quantity of Cosmic Shares you receive depends on Company Level you will ascend on:

As a base, you receive 1 Cosmic Share every 25 Company Levels, meaning you get 0.04 CS per Company Level. Example of ascension rewards:

  • Company 100: 4 CosmicShares.png
  • Company 125: 5 CosmicShares.png
  • Company 150: 6 CosmicShares.png
  • Company 500: 20 CosmicShares.png

The Amount of CS gained per level is doubled each time you reach 1,000/10,000/100,000/etc. Company Levels, for example:

  • Company 1,000: 80 CosmicShares.png
  • Company 1,025: 82 CosmicShares.png
  • Company 10,000: 1,600 CosmicShares.png
  • Company 10,025: 1,604 CosmicShares.png
  • Company 100k: 32k CosmicShares.png
  • Company 1M: 640k CosmicShares.png

Ascension reward multiplier upgrade is reset every time you ascend and claim your Cosmic Shares.


Ascension Layout.png

Number Description
1 Ascended Level
2 Ascension reward multiplier
3 Ascend Button
4 Cosmic Share counter
5 Ascension Button
6 Decoration Button

Ascension Skills[edit]

Main page: Ascension Skills

Ascension Skills
Icon Skill Min Boost Max Boost
Icon Skip-o-rama.png Skipping Chance
Increase the CHANCE to skip company levels when you sell
25% 100%
Icon Level-Skip.png Level-Skip
Increase the number of Company LEVELS you skip
+5 +305
Icon Deco-Price-Cut.png Deco-Price-Cut
Decrease Discover and Upgrade cost of Decorations
-5% -25%
Icon Prestige-is-King.png Prestige-is-King
Multiply the total amount of Prestige
5x 25x
Icon Shares-are-Queen.png Shares-are-Queen
Multiply the total amount of Shares
5x 25x
Icon Hey-Boo-Fee.png Hey-Boo-Fee
Increase the Max Level for all FEET, BREAST and HEIGHT multiplier decorations
+9 +99
Icon Fast-Keys.png Fast-Keys
Increase the max level for the Sculpture decoration
+5 +25
Icon Clickity-Clank.png Clickity-Clank ( ONE TIME ONLY)
Increase your clicking power
Icon Money-For-All11.png Money-For-All11 ( ONE TIME ONLY)
Increase the starting money just enough to hire all 11 girls in one click
Icon Company-Piggy-Bank.png Company-Piggy-Bank ( ONE TIME ONLY)
Increase the company income multiplier
Increase your total daily key limit cap
Icon Dalla's Tribute.png Dalla's Tribute
Continue Dalla's Story!
+1 thread +6 threads

+ 1 outfit

Icon Stock Attempts.png Stock Attempts
Increase your daily Stock Exchange Attempts
+1 attempt
Icon Board Room Attempts.png Board Room Attempts
Increase your daily Board Room Attempts
+1 attempt

Ranking of Skills:

Skipping Chance and Level-Skip are the top Skills since they allow you to get Cosmic Shares a lot faster.

Of the others, KEYS-SUPREME is the best and should be gotten after the first 100,000 ascension (or second if you're doing both in a day).

The remaining Shares can be dumped into the other Skills, which will still be maxed way before you finish Level-Skip because of its high amount of levels.

1. Prestige-is-King

2. Shares-are-Queen

3. Skipping Chance

4. Level-Skip

5. Hey-Boo-Fee


7. Stock Attempts

8. Board Room Attempts

9. Fast-Keys

10. Company-Piggy-Bank

11. Clickity-Clank

12. Deco-Price-Cut

13. Money-for-All11

14. Dalla's Tribute


When do I ascend?

New Players

For new players, it's strongly recommended to double your cosmic shares on your first ascension to unlock Skipping Chance, Level-Skip, Prestige-is-King and Shares-are-Queen.

Start by unlocking Shares-are-Queen and Prestige-is-King.
If there's enough Cosmic Shares left, unlock both Level-Skip and Skipping Chance.

Keep ascending whenever progress stalls (you want to be able to sell your company at least once a day).

Keep upgrading the above skill (whichever is the cheapest).
Use any leftovers to unlock/upgrade other skills.

After maxing Skipping Chance and the other cheaper skills, unlock KEYS-SUPREME, Stock Attempts and Board Room Attempts and keep upgrading Level-Skip until you're done with Ascension.

Veteran players

If you can speed-run through Ascensions (high levels of Shop Multiplier, Empower Chair, Stock Mastery and Gains Week perks), here is the least leveling list :

  1. 100
  2. 125
  3. 100
  4. 150
  5. 250
  6. 1,225
  7. 1,575
  8. 1,400
  9. 1,000
  10. 10,000
  11. 13,350
  12. 11,325
  13. 132,200 (buy KEYS-SUPREME)
  14. 122,100
  15. 1,000,000 / 1,500,000+ (depending on whether you double your Cosmic Shares on your final sale)

Short list when to push to the next tier

  • Push for 1 000 after reaching Skipping Chance 1 and Level-Skip 3.
  • Push for 10 000 after reaching Skipping Chance 7 and Level-Skip 14.
  • Push for 100 000 after reaching Skipping Chance 16 and Level-Skip 35.
  • Push for 1 000 000 after reaching Skipping Chance 25 and Level-Skip 65.

Should I double my Cosmic Shares?

Veteran players (following the least leveling list): Ideally, double your Cosmic Shares twice - once on your first ascension to make sure you don't get stuck due to a bad decoration combination (ignore this if you could easily push past Company Level 100 already) and once on your last ascension to save yourself from more than half a million extra levels.

New players: It's a good idea to double your Cosmic Shares during your very first ascension (to have enough CS to unlock all the recommended skills). Might be useful to double again when reaching a new milestone (1k, 10k, 100k, etc.) for the first time, but it's not really needed.

All in all, it's best to buy other things instead, since ascending will probably be done before, say, Shop Multiplier, Stock Mastery, or Gains Week perks.

What do I invest my Cosmic Shares into?

Prestige-is-King and Shares-are-Queen will ensure you'll be able to level up your company and unlock decorations, even if you have a very bad RNG pull.

Skipping Chance and Level-Skip will help you reach higher levels in less time.

How should I level Skipping Chance and Level-Skip?

Either spend your Cosmic Shares on the cheapest one of those, or check the following table for the least leveling strategy.

Level-Skip Skipping Chance Level-Skip Skipping Chance Level-Skip Skipping Chance Level-Skip Skipping Chance
Unlock Unlock 15 8 30 14 45 20
1 0 16 8 31 15 46 21
2 0 17 9 32 15 47 21
3 1 18 9 33 15 48 21
4 1 19 9 34 16 49 22
5 2 20 10 35 16 50 22
6 3 21 10 36 17 51 22
7 3 22 11 37 17 52 23
8 4 23 11 38 17 53 23
9 4 24 12 39 18 54 24
10 5 25 12 40 18 55 24
11 6 26 13 41 19 56 24
12 6 27 13 42 19 57 25
13 7 28 13 43 19 58+ Maxed
14 7 29 14 44 20